Funds not available

Hello dear Trading 212 Team,

I have sent funds to my account using IBAN (Bank Transfer) but the funds are not available for trading yet. How long usually does it take for them to appear?

Thank you very much in advance,


It can be same day up to 1-2 working days is normal ETA.
Can be longer though by a couple of days.

It took 2 days for me when transferring from bank to them.

Like @adm mentioned, it can be from few hours to few days.

90% of time it arrived same day if I did transfer prior to Noon. In few ocasion next day and 1s I had 3 days wait…

Thank you very much adm and Vedran! I will wait a little longer.

if you find yourself wanting instant access. using a debit card will get you the funds in no time-flat.

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Any of you know other ways of contact other than I made the bank transfer 8 days ago, have sent the documents requested but no response anymore and the funds not yet available for trading…

The in App chat is enabled from what I seen. Haven’t had reason yet to test :slight_smile:

@AnderpedThunder Our team is checking this out. Expect an email confirmation in about a few hours.

Ok @Tony.V, thank you very much.

Hello @Tony.V,

Any news on this?

Thanks again,

All good - the account is funded. Check this for future reference in case that you use joint accounts.

Tony, I see the funds available there. thank you very much,


Dear Tony, this thread is on a similar manner, hence I write: I’ve sent money by direct transfer. I got confirmation on 4th May but funds have not arrived yet on my trading account. I emailed on 13th May but no response yet. I even attached bank transfer confirmation. Would you be so kind to suggest ways of resolving this problem?

Thanks in advance!