Official Bank Account VS Revolut!

Hello ,
I would like to change my REVOLUT withdrawal method to withdraw and deposit money from my official :white_check_mark:bank account in my country of residence.

Currently there is only my REVOLUT card configured in T212 , I deposited with it the funds ( Invest Account)

I prefer to go through my bank to avoid any problem because my REVOLUT account is standard and I have no direct contacts or support , I used Revolut just to convert money from my local currency to $.:credit_card:
I am using trading 212 for long term investing and I’m thinking about the future to:
1-avoid all communications problems with Revolut
2-to be transparent with local tax declarations.
3-take advantage of the free services of my bank account in my country if residence…

Can I delete my Revolut Card and add my the Master Card of my Bank ?

Thank you :pray:

Hi :wave:,

Your best bet would be to speak to the trading212 team directly on this matter, as they will need proof of ID to set up a new payment withdrawal method (I believe).

@Tony.V - Can you direct message this customer to detail the steps needed to set up a new payment method and get it all verified.

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When I contacted the customer service they answered :

You could add the new payment method, however, the revolut method will remain within our database, until we remove it. Documents could be removed solely after we receive the necessary paperwork.

I’m ready to send all the paperwork needed but I need to have the list and what’s is needed from my side
I will do it with pleasure to avoid using REVOLUT

I wouldn’t want to give bad advice - but from what I recall, you can do this - and then select that option when choosing where to have funds withdrawn to. BUT - normally it gets sent to the method by which the funds have been added.

I’d just clarify with Trading212 first what exactly you need to provide. (I don’t know).
Send an email back outlining this, and ask for exactly what is required of you.
Add as much detail as you can, and make a note for later of the messages.

Also - bare in mind this forum is public, so don’t post anything personal on here directly. :+1: - is the email you need.

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Be very careful because I got told to just add a new deposit method and I could withdraw to it. Long story short money was sent to an account no longer in use and was lost. Would be handy if we could have a withdrawal method button, ie bank account, PayPal etc that we could select


I second this. Even if you are not allowed to withdraw to a new account you should see where(i.e last 4 digits of the account/card) your funds are going to be transferred before to hit the “withdraw” button. The lack of transparency makes the process frustrating.