Deposited 750 euros, have blocked on my bank account 43 euros

As the title mentions - I deposited 750 euros in my account, only to find out that there have been in total 793.08 euros blocked on my bank account.
What is this, is this comission for real ???

How did you “deposit”? Via card or by bank to bank transfer?

Thanks for replying.
It was via card.

Hi @flashvlad, deposits and withdrawals are absolutely free. No matter what deposit method you do use.

Personally used Card , Bank Wire , Skrill and paypal. All were free of charge as stated by t212.

Only possible “fee” is 3rd party , like bank commissions, FX conversion.

I wonder however you created EUR account on T212 and your bank(card) has EUR currency?


My bank account has Euro currency. I spoke with the bank and they told me they did not take any comissions whatsoever.
I will await to see until tomorrow when the funds have been “cleared”.

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@flashvlad Give us an update here tomorrow, please :slight_smile:

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@flashvlad my bank always reserves +4% extra on top of the amount I spend by credit/debit cards and releases it back after the clearing few days later.