(Desktop) App for Windows (10) Store

You people are doing amazing while continuing to introduce new features and improve existing experiences!

One thing I would like to request is a desktop app. Since I believe the web app/UI is in HTML5, creating an app for the Windows Store is extremely easy.

Right now, I found only one actual trading app on the Windows Store, plus500. Which I’m using and quite happy with.

I believe there’s an opportunity for T212 as well to jump in! Even more because it can actually reduce server management costs since apps can utilize full potential of the client machine and relax the servers.

Keep up the good work!


Once we release the completely new web version for Invest and ISA, we’ll think about packaging it as a desktop app.


@AlexK any time frame for new web version ?

Waiting patiently! :slight_smile:

End of Q2 2020, with a good reserve.