New Web App for Invest & ISA

Today we’re launching our new Invest & ISA web experience. AutoInvest & Pies included!

Switch to the new Web User Interface via the following links:
For Real Money accounts:
For Practice mode accounts:

Our current app will remain operational while the new UI is in beta. You’ll be able to switch back and forth at any time.

Here is a brief overview of the new UI.

Main navigation
Similarly to our mobile app, the new web app offers several main destinations. Let’s take a look:

Home view - containing your watchlists. Each instrument has its own overview page presenting everything related:

  • Price chart with selectable intervals. When a more in-depth analysis is needed use the ‘Advanced chart’ button to bring up the full-screen chart.
  • Your investment section - details about your open position with the selected instrument
  • Currently pending orders and price alarms
  • Company Details - requested for a long time, finally here!
  • Trading history of the selected instrument!

Portfolio view - includes:

  • Overall portfolio performance graph!
  • List of your investments - You can select each investment and access its overview page the same way you do it from your watchlists.
  • Allocation - See % breakdown of your portfolio
  • Pies!

You can now use AutoInvest on the web app as well! Create and manage pies as easily as you do it on our mobile apps!

Search - Check out the new filters. Now you can filter by price!

While browsing, tap on any instrument for an instant preview:

Videos - now much easier to explore and watch:


Advanced charting

Offers the full functionality of our charting engine as you know it from the old UI, however, you are no longer restricted to a total of 9 tabs. Now you can open up to 50 tabs!

What’s coming next: :fire:Advanced mode

Even though our new UI is much easier to understand and navigate and thus is more welcoming to newcomers, we still believe that our current UI layout can bring a lot of value for an advanced user. That’s why we are making it even more powerful and will include it as an Advanced view within the new web app! This should come out within a month.

And as always, we’re awaiting your feedback!


end of summer finally!


WOW !!! :heart_eyes:

So much better guys!!!
Thanks for all big updates! :pray: :pray: :pray:

ps: when dark mode? haha


Pies just popped up in my Android app and I didn’t apply for the beta. Does that mean it’s out of beta and fully released?

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Don’t know if I am missing it, but no presentation of fx profit/loss yet on web app?

Like… now: :slight_smile:


It will come in a matter of days!


some immediate concerns

  • there is no direct way of going from a pie share to share chart and or share info page
  • this has come up a few times on this forum and pushed back with “the web ui will be revamped” but why do you disable/block right click? or selection of text? I want to be able to copy the ISIN what is wrong with this?

@George - great stuff. A notification/announcement about Android would have been good too! :wink:

We will enable selecting text ASAP.

This is not something directly related to the web revamp itself. We have a technical limitation that currently prevents us from allowing it. As soon as we resolve we will enable the functionality on mobile and web. We are well aware of how important this is. :slight_smile:


Do these links not work for anyone else? Just brings me to the old version.

edit: If I type the address in manually it works (for INVEST only. Still trying to figure out CFD). Just in case anybody is having the same problem. If I switch to CFD from the INVEST beta, the url reverts to the old


Congrats on the upgrade - looks great.

I’ll have a proper nosey around and provide some beta feedback in due course, but initial observations from 5 mins of playing that would be great if they could be addressed;

  • Unable to apply preferred chart format and indicators, etc. in the normal view. Would be good if any saved templates were aut-applied here on opening
  • In Advanced Chart view, would appreciate the ability to rearrange the instrument tabs by clicking and dragging

Thanks again.



uhh yeah, just noticed this one. When I clicked first it took me to ISA and it works on beta, but when/if I switch to CFD/invest I get redirected to old design (even if i type beta manually to address bar)

The current update is for Invest & ISA only

@George heads up that when viewing the list of pies, the percentage gain/loss does not have a percentage symbol. Looks great so far.


Wishlist Portfolio view:

  • Sort investments on gain/loss.
  • Sort investments on daily change.

Will the Buy v Sell volume indicator be coming back?

Ditto the Day High/Low etc.


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my wish list:

a page where I can see a summary of all my accounts in one place. (total value, return for starters)

I have to keep adding my accounts together to see total gains/losses across accounts.

edit: like the new look though, nice and matches mobile more.

edit2: concept below



Here come the views on my pie walkthrough video :clap:t4:


It doesn’t let me create the pie for some reason while the allocation is 100%

Love the new layout and features now just waiting for the pie nesting feature and more than 50 pie slices :smile:

very well done !!

Quick update:
From the editing pie, wanting to add new asset in my portfolio and I cannot find the “watchlist”,
Is there something that you could add please?


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