Destination account number for instant bank transfers?

I’m trying to connect my Nationwide account to open banking. Trying to fund my account leads me to the TrueLayer site, through to the Nationwide authorization site… where I’m stuck, because the instructions on-screen say I should grab my card reader and input the “destination account number” (the card reader says “Ref:”) and I don’t know that number. Does anyone know what exactly to enter there? I must be digits only, so the reference displayed by TrueLayer before you click on to the bank can’t be it.

The reference number you have been asked for is your personal trading account number. You can find it in the Account details section via the Settings tab in the app. For your convenience, please check this article.

Thanks, but that number doesn’t seem to be the one my bank is looking for… Specifically, I took the “Account number” from my monthly statement.


I have just sent you a DM.

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