PIES Import / Export fractionals

Is there any way you can manipulate the import / export investment to tidy up fractions to leave with whole shares in pies. Seems you can only move whole % and calculating the equivalent is imprecise

In example below I want to export 0.13957 from the ‘pie’ to ‘Investments’

You can press with your finger where the number of shares is shown and type a number for export there. However, I have discovered that very small numbers will not be accepted for export, so this is only sometimes an effective way to trim a holding down to a whole number.

A share of 0.000356 may be effectively worth 0. It would be nice is there were some way to do what you seek, even with small fractions. Tidy and OCD minds would welcome it.

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Precisely and bang on @Richard.W .

Often fractionals were accidentally generated pre-import / export ability. Post this ability I would like to satisfy my ‘OCD’ tidying the excess without trying to do so through awkward manual calculations which as in this case fails anyway to round up to whole shares standing.

The best way I think is simply to be able to type in the fraction value 0.35 xxxxx to execute the movement as desired as an additional method, in same way can sell /buy by either number of shares or by monetary value.

What does the community think?

Dear @Team212, is there something we can do about it?

Today I’ve decided to transfer some shares from a Pie to a different Pie. First I had to export them from the old Pie and then import them to the new Pie. When I’ve exported the shares, they mixed with my manually bought shares and now it’s a mess. Is there a way to transfer the rest of the whole share to the pie?


Is exporting from Pies still a feature?