Direct Debit feature

It’d be good if you can say on 15th of each month pull in £200 from a bank account and use it to try and buy a portfolio based on %

You’d need to decide how to deal with each allocation. I guess you’d round down each and leave the remainder as cash in the account until you support fractional shares/ETFs


I’m really surprised they don’t have this feature.


Wow, do you have access to our “In Progress” list in Asana? Because this is exactly what we are working on right now. And just as you’ve suggested, it is related to the fractional shares/ETFs which we decided to do first (coming out before the end of the month).

P.S. I’ve seen your valuable input (recognised the nickname) in another trading community. Thanks for joining us as well.


No because as I mentioned on LinkedIn we still haven’t seen a roadmap yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, as you can see we are working on becoming more open.


I guess fractional + direct debit would get a lot of interest from passive investors

I couldn’t find this feature. Is this still under development?

@Aziz2589 It is still in under development. We can’t provide any ETA, but we’ll let you know when we’re about to release it. :pushpin:

This would be awesome to get some points from it being a direct debit too :slight_smile:

@toptom007 check out What’s new section. It’s in Beta now.

@Tony.V Thank you

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@Tony.V will it be available for USD accounts? Or limited to GBP/EUR?