Dividend Information

Hi there

Is it possible to add more Dividend Information to the instruments pages please?

  • Payout ratio
  • Last Dividend Pay Date
  • Last Annual Dividend
  • Dividend Frequency
  • Current Dividend XD Date
  • Current Dividend Pay Date
  • Track Record of Company

Many thanks



Or just head on over to Finki.io and use the api

…and support you’re local Edinburgh startups…

Creepy? Yep. We’ve worked at a few of the same places over the years!!

Small world

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Funny, I don’t recall working with anyone called Finki before… :thinking:

But was drunk for much of the 21st century…!

No, I wouldn’t have introduced myself that way at the supper clubs, drinks events and I think once at Gardeners Cottage. Then there’s the various friends of friends via Freeagent. Edinburgh is such a small community really.

I’m continuing the drunken 21st century thang by being drunk now. In, er, the 21st century. Or Stockbridge. Take your pick

Equally I don’t recall working with a Fantana

Just a username. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m struggling though. Take it you can’t drop your real name here?

I guess not
Sorry for this getting kinda weird

Ha ha well thanks for making it weird!

Oh well. Perhaps on LinkedIn if FinKi gets there.

Ha Ha this convo cracks me up! :laughing:

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I was drunk
Now I’m just hungover
:beer: :clinking_glasses:

This should narrow it down for me but everyone I know drinks on a school night!