'Earned dividends' notification or list

I think that this will be a tougher one to implement but on the briscord there’s lots of confusion around how, when and if dividends will be paid.

I appreciate the delay is out of control and I personally do not have a problem with dividends being delayed a few days.

However, is it possible for a dividend alert, or list of ‘earned dividends’ to be shown so the user knows that it will eventually received said dividend.

It does not need an expected date, but it shows the user that a dividend has been allocated.

I can bet it will cut down on a lot of wasted customer service time too.**

I believe M1 has this feature.


As requests go that’s gotta be pretty easy for t212 to implement. It’s data. Data of dividend events versus data of client transactions. Did {client} hold greater than 0 shares on Ex-date. That’s it.

… and by the way, FinKi dividend data is on-demand and now (nearly) live. Most dividends are reflected the day after announcement (as the validation routine cleanses for errors rather than ingest the data on declaration date). So ‘most’ new dividends are available on the API in declaration+1

I too hope t212 build it as dividend queries on the forum annoy me only fractionally less than the ARK requests and ‘wrong price’ repetitions.


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You waiting for RDSB too, i wonder how long this time?

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haha! amen to that!!!

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Agree on this. Ended up here today as I’ve got a dividend that I think is now a week old since it was paid. Its frustrating but if you knew it was being sorted you would have a query


Yeah. The dividend flow from IB to T212 seems less than perfect. The sheer trading volumes alone won’t be helping. But, as someone whose first ever job in a stock brokerage was paying dividends, I sympathise with T212 somewhat. That said, we automated the process decades ago and paid nearly all dividends on paydate IF we had ourselves received the funds.

And, quick plug, the dividend data is the most commonly used function on the FinKi API