Share management with dividends info workaround

I like the clear layout of T212. It’s easy to navigate around and uncomplicated. Possibly too much so?
I have posted before about being able to group purchased shares together in some custom formats for easier viewing.
I’ve worked around that by putting them in pies and using them as folders basically, ignoring the balance aspect.
But the one thing that is lacking here is more data on each company specifically important info on dividends.
Fortunately I’ve found a workaround here as well, although T212 won’t like it.
Go and register yourself a free account on Hargreaves Lansdown. It’s expensive to used compared to T212 but don’t worry no need to invest anything or spend anything. You can use the facility without going that far.
Use the watchlist function to create your own portfolio and bingo there’s more info then you can poke a stick at - Dividend data right there, far more than you’ll see here.
See screenshots to illustrate this.

Hope it helps.

Yeah most people use portfolio trackers and stock research tools which have this information. Those are much easier to use than the HL app for sure. Which one depends on your needs!

All available in the free FinKi API
Import directly to your spreadsheet of choice

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