Dividend payments are taking longer

Hi, it was great to see the news that T212 has reached 1 million users and that the ISA and Invest is sustainable now, congratulations.

I’ve been on the platform for 6 months and there are a lot great features and progress with the App which I am sure is helping drive your user numbers. But one area things seem to be getting worse is the speed of processing and paying dividends. I’ve attached the data from my portfolio that shows that average time has been getting worse over the past few months. I have mainly US stocks buy a few UK holdings and ETF and the majority of the portfolio is the same month to month.

The platform should be well suited for dividend investing but these delays are frustrating for investors, especially compared to other platforms that are much quicker. Are you aware of these issues and do you have plans to improve this in 2021? Thanks image


would also love an update on this

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+1 Been waiting 7 days for a dividend which has still not arrived.

Following. Taking longer each month…

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Yep. I agree ive made my own Dividend Pie because I liked the simplicity of T212. However im pretty scared with these dividend delays. thats bothering me pretty much and untill this day i didnt see any explanation for this process here on forums. @Team212 ??

All dividend investors are welcome here: Divdend PIE Discussion

check it out. share your own ideas :slight_smile:
always open for discussion :slight_smile:


Have to agree on this one,
It’s getting ever longer and longer. I now usually have to expect them over a week late now.


A cynical man might think T212 are holding on to the cash longer in their account.


Just got dividends with a pay date yesterday. Still waiting on some other dividends with earlier pay dates. There is absolutely no logic right now. This should be an automatic system would one assume.


You could certainly make a pretty penny with holding dividends for a week from a million customers and 2 billion in assets.


"Little’s formula" is L = lambda W

  • W = 1 week (waiting time or delay)
  • lambda = 2,000,000,000 x (0.02 average annual dividend) /52 = 76923 (rate of dividend payments per week)
  • L = 769230 (queue length of dividends in transit)

Assuming cash on deposit earns 1% this means

  • interest earned per year = 1% L =7692.30

I don’t think Trading 212 need an extra $7692 that badly even if it is 769230 pretty pennies.


I have 5 Vanguard ETFs that have not paid yet, I am sure I will eventually get paid for them. I usually would expect to wait 3 clear working days before payment, but yes I agree, it seems to take a longer processing time than it used to. Vanguards payment date was last week Wednesday 30/12/20. Taking into account the weekend and New Years Day, we are now on the 5th working day. Because of the processing time, I have missed an EX date for reinvesting! I have the same issue at this time with a couple of iShares ETFs too!


Yes I am still waiting for my Vanguard ETFs, I just don’t understand why it’s getting slower and I was hoping someone from T212 would look at this and give us a reply


Waiting myself on the Investec Dividend which was due 4 days back.

I am not in any rush but I wish they gave an ETA on when they pay it


I’d have to agree here. My VUSA dividends were paid into my EQi account 30/12/20. As of right now I’ve heard nothing from trading212. That’s a lot of market time to miss out on


I’ve been waiting for 8 ETFs to pay out. Spoke to someone through chat on the app and they said it can take up to 14 days, presume working days.



Im still waiting for my LTC Properties Dividend. More than 11 days now.


Same… also DX…

That’s gone up,
Last time I spoke to someone they said it’s usually 10 days

I’ve just got my Vanguard dividends.