Dividend pie help

If you get dividends paid into your pie will it automatically buy you more shares on that very day. Also is there a minimun limit (funds) that the pie won’t reinvest back into the stock, ie, if you only get a very small amount of dividends paid in, £1 or less.


Dividend will go to pie funds or autoinvest if you set dividend reinvest on.

The minimum amount is not fixed afaik, depends on pie weightings. You can go to you pie, do manual invest, enter 1$, it should prompt you minimum amount, this amount is required by dividend reinvest as well.

So to first point, if your minimum (re)invest is 5$ and your dividend is 5$ or greater, it will automatically purchase new shares, if less, it will sit in pie funds until 5$ or above criteria is met.

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Hi there @Explorer2,

Something to add to @Vedran’s spot-on answer. In case your dividend is below the pie’s threshold they will remain as pie cash until the next Auto or Manual invest event. In this case, if the amount is sitting as pie cash it will be invested along with the freshly invested funds. Otherwise, if the received dividend is above your pie’s threshold they will reinvest right away. :slight_smile:

Thank you for both replies, now i understand. Thanks for help both…