Dividend & Portfolio Tracker

Hello everyone! I’m excited to share a project that’s been my focus for the last year—a portfolio and dividend tracker app specifically designed for Trading 212 users. As a computer science student with a passion for mobile development, this project is a perfect opportunity for me to hone my skills, support my studies, and potentially lay the foundation for a future business.

The app is currently under development, and while the dividend history feature is fully functional, other aspects still need improvement. I’m dedicated to the ongoing development of this app, ensuring regular updates. I’m inviting a select group of users to participate in its beta testing phase. Your feedback on bugs and desired features would be invaluable and can be easily submitted via email through the app.

For our beta testers, the app will be free of charge.

If you’re interested in beta testing, please let me know by sharing the email associated with your Apple Store account. This will allow me to grant you access, as the app is currently not publicly available on the Apple Store and is exclusive to iPhone users.

A key feature of this app is its direct integration with your Trading 212 account through an API key. This means your portfolio is automatically updated, reflecting your account in real-time, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

I’m keen to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you may have. Your support and feedback could play a significant role in enhancing this app’s development journey.

If you are interested please, click on the link below to start testing. There is a limit of 100 users for now, because it is very early stage.

Thanks :blush:

Amazing to hear of such an app being developed, firstly wouldn’t it easier to use testflight so you can just give a link which would allow us to join the beta and also could you add these features if they aren’t already there:
Widgets for iOS
Chart showing value of entire portfolio rather than just invested, I trade quite often so the graph of invested looks like i’m losing money or gaining when it’s just me buying or selling.

Good luck on your project :slight_smile:

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I would like to give the link but there are some bugs that I’m working on fix so having a limited amount of people testing is better in the current stage. But it is something I will do 100%.

Regarding the features, there are some other features I’m working on currently that has been requested previously, so I can’t give you a time frame but an iOS widget is definitely in the plan. Would you be able to clarify more regarding the chart idea ?

Thanks for your support I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Yeah so the chart on the website of trading212 shows the amount you have invested, so if i had a portfolio of 1000 dollars and only 800 is invested in stocks for example the graph shows 800 and doesn’t include the free funds I have, now let’s say I sell one of my stocks for 100, the chart now shows 700 instead, so it looks like my portfolio has gone down in value when it’s actually just me selling a stock. What I’m asking is if you could add a chart that showed the history of the whole portfolio (amount invested+free funds), I’m pretty sure to do this you’ll need to see trades and deposits and then use stock market data to calculate the past portfolio values and then put in a chart.

I really like what you’ve done here. Happy to help with testing. I have installed and will provide feedback. Thanks

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I like where this app is heading. It’s early days but it’s producing some nice data with the API.

The developer is very responsive to feedback and sorted some initial bugs with my data very quickly.

Looking forward to helping and seeing this effort develop.


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Thanks a lot for your support and help, hope it will be the best app for dividend tracking specially for dividends investors like ourselves. :grin: