Dividend reinvesting

When will trading212 introduce dividend reinvestment? This is a very basic function that is available on all other platforms!!!

Please get this prioritized and put on the app

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It’s already there, you need to create pies and set up the autoinvest for the dividends. Then it will be all on autopilot.

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I don’t want to create a pie… I just want to do it for each individual stock. As not all stocks will be beaten up when I want to put money

Well until such feature is added, there is a workaround for your problems.

Not a fancy one but still.

Create pie with single stock. That way, dividend is reinvested in same company, thus DRIP is achieved.

Only prerequisite is fractional share to be able to add to pie.


Thanks yes I figured that out.
Annoyinb because you have to manage your individual investments along with the pie.

Trading212 need to simplify things a little… they should have prioritized reinvesting over pie creation…

A second for the above here. It would be far easier to be able to turn on a reinvest tab within the share rather than the need to have each one in a pie.
Come on this must be doable?

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Plus the reinvest doesn’t even work within the pie. Atleast for all my stocks it hasn’t thus far.

reinvest works fine, it follows the same restrictions as a cash investment to the pie.

To elaborate, it doesn’t reinvest until the minimum investment amount of your pie is met.

I think it would be great if dividend reinvestment could occur in the same currency, so we don’t have to pay for currency exchanges. I’m not sure if that’s possible in an ISA.

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They can’t do that because you take a 15% tax hit on dividends for US companies which gets deducted before it lands in your account. Even in the ISA!

What if I don’t have a minimum investment amount? And the reinvestment is not happening?

I’d assume that is taxed in USD. Seems inefficient to convert to GBP to convert back into USD to pay the tax.

You do have a minimum investment amount. It all depends on the smallest slice of your pie. £1 is the smallest amount that can be invested, so if you have a smallest slice of 10% you’ll have a minimum investment of £10.

I’m not sure what went wrong with reinvest. Knowing that Tesco where paying out that special 50p dividend I put the stock in its own pie and turned on reinvest.
It failed to do this and paid it to my invest account instead?


Yeah I have had this same problem with my UK stocks. I don’t know what is happening.

It is taxed at source yes the 15% is before you get paid

Yet to see it work for me for any of my UK stocks despite all the pies being switched on much before the ex dividend date or the payment being made.


The stock has to be in the same(current) pie before ex dividend date.

Do you have all stocks on a pie of their own? If not you need to meet the minimum amount as determined by the smallest slice. I have had realty income in its own pie with dividend reinvest turned on for over 2 months already and it hasn’t failed once. If you own small numbers of shares so the dividend is less than £1/€1/$1 it also won’t reinvest as its not meeting the minimum.

Can you show us a screenshot of the pie you are using for the dividends?

I would love this feature and not sure why it has taken so long to not implement. Putting in pie on its own is clearly a clunky workaround I wont bother with for EVERY stock just annoying. Please just have a option to reinvest stocks in themselves, if it has to be £1 then so be it have option only once people have enough of the stock to get £1+ each payment.

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Nope I have had INTC for almost a year and I haven’t added to that since October last year. It’s been in its own pie and yet I always get paid in my account. I then need to manually pay cash into the pie so that it gets reinvested