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I am trying new portfolio tracket getquin and they offer to link T212 to them to get all trades and info about positions. Has anyone tried it or is it safe. I dont want to risk losing money for tracker.

I have never heard of getquin but taking a quick look, it looks professional and promotes some big names. I would assume some of the names wouldn’t want to be associated with something if it wasn’t legit.

I can understand the appeal of sites such as this and at the end of the day its a completely personal choice whether you feel it provides something you think you need. It seems like a lot of the features are behind a paywall and I would question how much value I would get from spending the subscription fee.

Personally I would not link an account with any external system for a few reasons. Even if the external system is legit and honest it adds a risk that they might get hacked at some stage or there is a vulnerability in their system or the connection between them and my account (ie T212). What protection, insurance, guarantee do they give if something goes wrong… Does connecting my T212 (or any other broker’s account) to an external system affect the guarantees and protection I have from my broker/T212? I don’t know the answer to these questions but they are things that I would want to consider first.

I can easily look at my T212 directly and see what its worth in total and the value and basic performance of each holding. Thus, other than pretty graphics, I would ask myself what a third party system would give me and whether that would make a real difference to how I managed my investments.

What I would do is use a system such as this as a watch list (not a portfolio tracker) and that doesn’t need it to be connected to any of my trading accounts. I would just create a 1 share holding in every company I wanted to track and I can then see when there are dividends, etc. and performance… That doesn’t compromise anything. I want to look at shares that I don’t own as much as shares that I do own.

Mainly I want to use this to track my dividends and I want to get dividend calendar since T212 does not have it. I saw this web before (6 months ago) but they didnt supported T212 link. only manual trades.

If you want to just track the date of dividends (not the exact amount) then just basically create a watchlist in something like getquin with a nominal 1 share holding in each company. I’m not saying this is the best way but it would work for me and is simple. It comes down to individual choice of what they want. For me I just want to know the exD date and the dividend amount as a % that’s all. I want to know the dividend amount simply because a tiny dividend (ie 0.2%) I will generally ignore because it’s unlikely to affect the share price significantly on the exD date whereas a dividend of 2% might affect the share price and I might sell out before the exD point to buy back lower after it.

I wanted to know how much I would get in dividends, I am already using digrin where I have manual transactions but its a lot of work so I wanted something automatic.

Dividend trackers are never 100% accurate…you’ll sometimes find you have to adjust them manually…defeats the whole object

Something like dividend max can do it because you need to pay for it they make it as accurate as they can. I see it is 80% accurate:


Dividend data is one of my most requested data sets.

One day I’ll get around to doing it.

Can i ask : What do people want most. UK dividends, US dividends, Only dividends applicable on Trading212 irrespective of what Exchange that asset is on?

Data sets are usually CSV but a growing army want an API.

Preferences? csv for ease and you map yourself in your spreadsheet of choice? Or API ? Seems a bit techy and not all users wil be able to integrate the endpoint and map to their portfolio.

Getquin has recently shutdown the connection with Trading212. I use getquin and can only say the at it is a good dividend tracker. I was having some issues with the connection (giving wrong information about trades) and getquin support team mentioned that is it Trading212’s fault and hence discontinued with the auto connection. Input of manual trades is not for me so will continue searching for a dividend tracker which can support this functionality.

I tried qetquin with T212 as it had an “automatic connection.”

I logged in and got a notification from Trading212 that someone in Spain had logged in. Then Trading212 logged me out completely.

Had a brief scare but I’m back in and changed passwords; I’m certainly put off.

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Same here. Changed my pass immediately and a big nope.

Is your info being captured correctly? For the last two days, portfolio is not being updated despite the purchases made in Trading212. Same in your case?


I have been working on creating a dividend and portfolio tracker called Pro Stock Tracker for the last 2+ years. I launched it recently on the market and am looking to get feedbacks from early users like you.

I am happy to give you free access to the full platform if you are interested. I would love to know your thoughts honestly.

Some of the feature the platform offers are:

Some of the features are:

  • Wide range of assets. 80+ stock exchanges and more than 200,000+ holdings.
  • We track stocks, ETFs, cryptos, forex, mutual funds, EU bonds (US bonds coming soon).
  • Automatic sync of dividend and corporate actions.
  • Advance performance calculations (annual/cumulative, return breakdown, performance of only active or of sold investments included).
  • Analytic reports such as cash flow analysis, diversity report, contribution report, multi-currency report, multi-period report.
  • Interactive charts.
  • Advanced filtering (any period, grouping (industry, sector, country, currency, etc.), analysis of open positions or open & closed positions, etc.).

Yes, we have automatic synchronization of dividends on their ex-dividend date, along with charts that display their monthly, quarterly, and yearly income for the single investment or the whole portfolio.

Feel free to message me!