DividendMax - 3 years projected dividends

This is very nice - Could be something Trading212 could implement as they have dividend data now.

I have a google sheet spreadsheet but this makes it a walk in the park to use. I only have the free trial, doubt I will buy it - maybe next year once the portfolio is a more substantial size.



not as useful a feature right now due to companies across the world cutting or shrinking dividend payments at random.


It would be nice to get a notification though stating the dividend has been cut or hopefully raised!

I’m usimg seeking alpha to send me updates but need to adjust the email setting because I get way to many.

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I would second the addition of some way of seeing upcoming dividends that have been announced. Even if it’s just for the coming months rather than so far out. With the ability to see payment dates of ex dividend dates for shares you hold on the calendar. With pies now and the projections in there this would be a great build on to that.


I’m currently testing out the dividend max and I agree this would be a useful feature.

for short term dividends it’s straightforward after they have been announced but it is quite complicated to predict future dividends years out accurately, dividendmax have analysts looking and you need to pay monthly to use the generator and they get like 70% accuracy of upcoming dividends payouts, details here how they do their calculations.