Dividends split?

Maybe the question has been asked earlier. Haven’t read every post. But what happens if you have a position in an instrument both in portfolio and in a pie? Is dividend being split too? Or will it be possible to move the non-pie part into the pie?

I believe they are collected separately and then you have the option of moving the dividends outside the pie into it as free funds. unless you tell the pie to not reinvest dividends in which case the pie dividends are just collected in your free funds anyways.

Yes, so the part collected in the pie will be reinvested, and the other part added to free funds (which you deposit to a pie and then it will be invested using the set weight.)

Yes they are collected separately - Pies collect their own dividends. Dividends from “pie-less” investments are collected as usual in the free funds storage of the account.

If you disable dividend reinvestment on a pie, the pie will deposit its dividends as free funds in your account.

Will it be able to move non pie investments of same instrument into a pie? I now have one ETF which is partly in a pie and partly outside a pie.

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I’m still waiting from it since June @chantal. I assume will take while to be update. As I have reading the community question it is a must have from clients I wish they update it soon.

Next week they said.

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Wait it wasn’t last week that they said next week? Time is just getting all mushed together for me… I was looking forward thinking I was getting it this week :cry:


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:sob: I thought I read that last week. Must have been the beginning of this week

Really looking forward to this. Would of been great from day one though!

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Me too. Finally complete my pies and getting all dividends paid in them.

Yeah. I hope to see an autoinvest option on all holding as well without having to be in a pie.

Still new to this but do the Divs get reinvested in the corresponding company via a DRIP?

Not yet, I believe that’s a future feature. Right now it just does a market order in relation to your target allocation

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