My current buy list (future pies)

Disclaimer: Obviously this is not financial advise, I am not qualified and not even close!

My overall investment strategy for the last two decades have been buy and keep until forever. For the last 5 years or so I’ve started selling things as well but very rarely. I only sell stocks under two conditions

  • It is bought with a theory in mind and despite giving it plenty of time market has not proved the theory correct. These shares go into “doghouse” to be sold at an acceptable price point. Recent examples HSBA, RDSB RNK luckily managed to offload before Feb 2020 :slight_smile :slight_smile:
  • It outperformed my expectations and at least doubled the position size, taking profit and waiting for a slightly lower reentry point. Recent examples TSLA, unfortunately the re-entry point never came back :panda_face:

Although I don’t change my holdings much, I always rearrange and ration by buy list. I don’t try to “time the market” I’ve learned I am terrible at it. I buy from this list when ever I have money.
Every year I first try to fill my ISA than around 10K into my SIPP and 1-3K into physical gold/silver

Without further due here is my current buy list, comments appreciated.

Semiconductors 22.56%
Weight In Pie Overall
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. 28 24.78% 5.59%
Nvidia 24 21.24% 4.79%
Taiwan Semiconductor 12 10.62% 2.40%
Xilinx Inc 9 7.97% 1.80%
Qualcomm 9 7.97% 1.80%
Broadcom 9 7.97% 1.80%
ASML Holding NV 6 5.31% 1.20%
Texas Instruments 3 2.66% 0.60%
Lam Research 3 2.66% 0.60%
Intel 2 1.77% 0.40%
Applied Materials Inc 2 1.77% 0.40%
KLA Corp 2 1.77% 0.40%
Qorvo 2 1.77% 0.40%
Analog Devices Inc 2 1.77% 0.40%

only missing addition of NXPI weight:5

Non-US Tech 22.56%
Weight In Pie Overall
Stoneco 24 22.86% 5.16%
MercadoLibre Inc 19 18.10% 4.08%
Alibaba 12 11.43% 2.58%
JD 10 9.52% 2.15%
Adyen NV 10 9.52% 2.15%
Pinduoduo Inc 10 9.52% 2.15%
Bilibili Inc. 7 6.67% 1.50%
NetEase Inc. 7 6.67% 1.50%
Yandex NV 4 3.81% 0.86%
Spotify 2 1.91% 0.43%

This is the biggest incomplete list waiting for
Someone go poke New shares + fractional shares requests

Sea LTD 8
Naspers 5
Prosus 5
REIT 15.04%
Weight In Pie Overall
Digital Realty Trust 15 21.43% 3.22%
Equinix Inc 15 21.43% 3.22%
Crown Castle International Corp 10 14.29% 2.15%
American Tower Corp 10 14.29% 2.15%
SBA Communications Corp 10 14.29% 2.15%
CyrusOne Inc. 10 14.29% 2.15%
Consumer Staples 7.52%
Weight In Pie Overall
Church & Dwight Co., Inc. 12 27.27% 2.05%
Diageo 8 18.18% 1.37%
Kimberly-Clark 8 18.18% 1.37%
Procter & Gamble 8 18.18% 1.37%
Hormel Foods Corporation 8 18.18% 1.37%
US Tech 11.28%
Weight In Pie Overall
Square, Inc 15 20.83% 2.35%
Visa 12 16.67% 1.88%
Roku Inc 10 13.89% 1.57%
Microsoft 10 13.89% 1.57%
Amazon 10 13.89% 1.57%
Alphabet 10 13.89% 1.57%
2U Inc 5 6.94% 0.78%
Healthcare 7.52%
Weight In Pie Overall
CRISPR Therapeutics AG 15 37.50% 2.82%
Abbvie Inc 10 25.00% 1.88%
Pfizer 5 12.50% 0.94%
Amgen Inc 5 12.50% 0.94%
Invitae Corporation 5 12.50% 0.94%
Extra 7.52%
Weight In Pie Overall
Airbus SE 15 27.27% 2.05%
Dominos Pizza 15 27.27% 2.05%
Bunzi 15 27.27% 2.05%
Bank of America 5 9.09% 0.68%
Pennon Group 5 9.09% 0.68%
ETF 6.02%
8 Weight In Pie Overall
VanEck Vectors Video Gaming and eSports ETF 7 38.89% 2.34%
Invesco EQQQ NASDAQ-100 UCITS USD 7 38.89% 2.34%
Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS ETF 4 22.22% 1.34%
Share %
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. 5.88%
Stoneco 5.81%
Nvidia 4.90%
MercadoLibre Inc 4.65%
Alibaba 3.49%
Digital Realty Trust 3.22%
Equinix Inc 3.22%
CRISPR Therapeutics AG 2.82%
Taiwan Semiconductor 2.35%
Xilinx Inc 2.35%
Square, Inc 2.35%
VanEck Vectors Video Gaming and eSports ETF 2.34%
Invesco EQQQ NASDAQ-100 UCITS USD 2.34%
JD 2.33%
Adyen NV 2.33%
Pinduoduo Inc 2.33%
Crown Castle International Corp 2.15%
American Tower Corp 2.15%
SBA Communications Corp 2.15%
CyrusOne Inc. 2.15%
Church & Dwight Co., Inc. 2.05%
Airbus SE 2.05%
Dominos Pizza 2.05%
Bunzi 2.05%
Visa 1.88%
Abbvie Inc 1.88%
Qualcomm 1.57%
Broadcom 1.57%
Roku Inc 1.57%
Microsoft 1.57%
Amazon 1.57%
Alphabet 1.57%
Diageo 1.37%
Kimberly-Clark 1.37%
Procter & Gamble 1.37%
Hormel Foods Corporation 1.37%
Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS ETF 1.34%
ASML Holding NV 1.18%
Bilibili Inc. 1.16%
Pfizer 0.94%
Amgen Inc 0.94%
Invitae Corporation 0.94%
2U Inc 0.78%
Bank of America 0.68%
Pennon Group 0.68%
Texas Instruments 0.59%
Lam Research 0.59%
Spotify 0.47%
Intel 0.39%
Applied Materials Inc 0.39%
KLA Corp 0.39%
Qorvo 0.36%

image image
updated 21/08/2020 with additions of ADI yandex and netease


Out of interest, what do you hold in your Non-USA Tech part?

You can click on those arrows and see whats inside :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks,I didn’t know we could to that :slight_smile:

Why is JD tech? Are most of its revenues from online sales?

Some very interesting additions.

I guess that you are avoiding finance (only Bank of America), Industrials (eg. Car Manufacturers) and Tourism (eg. Airlines, I do see Airbus)

JD is almost 100% online it is like ebay + amazon + pay pal in china.

I am holding some finance companies(JP morgan, prudential, Aflac) and I don’t want to keep buying them at moment.

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Okay, you mean JD on Nasdaq. I didn’t know it existed.
I was commenting based on JD on the LSE.

That’s a big ass portfolio :slight_smile:

AMD vs Intel, I see you bet heavily on AMD to come out winner.

AVGO is powerhouse coming with force, now after CA Technologies and Symantec M&A, even at current valuation is very solid buy. Increasing revenue from Enterprise software/services, higher margines etc.

ABBV is a good play in Healthcare, would consider BMY. Both coming out of M&A with huge growth potential.

REITs, feel like you building nuclear bunker there :slight_smile: No retail stuff :partying_face:

I wonder how you keep tab on all those :thinking:

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I’ve been buying AMD since it was 1$ :slight_smile: And I am quite familiar with semi conductor tech in general. AMD always had potential (since its market share was tiny) and last year(2019) they kept bludgeoning Intel. It is at the moment only competing with itself. Intels announcement of 7nm delay was obvious 6 months ago (by some leaked news from ASML)
So AMD is killing it at Server CPUs and since last year “enthusiast” grade desktops ( but another silent giant is their mobile/laptop CPU is so over achieving people actually speculated AMD has found some alien tech somewhere. this is the money shot, and the reason more and more laptop producers are switching to AMD.

I’d say even their current value is “fair value”

:slight_smile: I got some old school high dividend low growth reits but stopped buying them.

lots of spreadsheets! and coffee


I’m jealous now. I’m a techy, back in the $1 days I thought I should buy some just to support them. When the reviewers were becoming buzzed before Ryzen was released i again knew I should buy. But, I wasn’t ready for investing at the time. Now I joined the party around $50 so still a nice increase especially since the 7nm delay from Intel.

But I think that for now you’re a bit heavy on AMD compared to Intel. Intel dropped quite far for the 7nm while there other numbers were good. Amd is on a peak for now and Intel will come back to the top in a couple of years while there non cpu business will still make a good income.

New gpu’s will be released by both Nvidia and AMD, rumors are that amd will release a strong contester that should come close to the top cards nvidia will released so there is some interesting short term future news.

(I didn’t heard the ASML INTEL rumors but I wasn’t surprised since 10nm has been delayed years and is just starting to get a grip on the Intel side.)
I hope I’m not ranting to much.

About your sell tactic, have you considered to take out your initial investment instead of selling completely? You would basically have “free” shares and can invest in something else.
As I said I’m just starting and probably to active.

(or gready since I don’t sell when I made 30% in a week while the stock turns out to be more volatile and now on -20%…)

Lots of great companies in here! Really like it, although I wouldn’t be able to keep track of such a large portfolio.

Just out of curiosity, how do your spreadsheets look like so you can manage all these holdings?

Gigantic list :dizzy_face:. How do you keep track of it all tho? I have 12 stocks/ETFs in my portfolio and that’s it.

Edit: @Vedran Happy Birthday :blush:

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I have not owned a single AMD CPU up until now, but my next CPU (after RTX3080 release) will 99% be AMD 3950X. Only saying this to underline I am not religious on these subjects at all :slight_smile: So my reason for preference of AMD over INTEL is: Intel already holds the biggest slice of the pie, it can only grow so much by the “pie getting bigger” while AMD being the smaller slice can eat into other slices. Intel does own a few more products that are by far market leaders in other categories as well (like wireless) but they are relatively small verticles.

may be I emphasised it less than I should, but I sell very rarely, so it is not a blanket “this earned a lot sell all now” tactic.

By “keeping track of it” if you mean current positions wins losses earnings dividends volatility etc. I use portfolio performance an open source software that is very detailed in which where I have all my different share dealing and cash accounts. It requires work to “input” data. Here is an example report dividends accumulated 2019 vs 2020

If you mean how do I keep track of what to hold and what to doghouse I have sheets tracking dividend growth, eps vs estimates, eps growth, beta P/E price/book etc.
one for example looks like this:

edit: also happy birthday @Vedran


Nice, didn’t know this software before, I’m just starting something similar, I will have look on it to see if worth to fork it and change it to my needs :slightly_smiling_face:

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What do you have in mind?

I’d recommend doing PR’s on github instead of forking it. or suggestions etc. It has a nice community and although it looks like there are a lot of “german speaking group” contributing, the creator wants the app to keep going multilingual and replies on github are often in English.

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I will have a look… my first intention is to have a web and native iOS/macOS versions.
It also uses some old technologies that I don’t like much, but it’s a secondary point.

Thanks for sharing your portfolio! I wonder what is the percentage of average annualy income of this portfolio ?

We see every platform/educational document mention it but it is still 200% true: "Past performance does not guarantee or even indicate future performance"

once again, these are not my holdings, but this is a buy list. You can backtest it as if its a portfolio on some online tools.

Here is top 25 holdings performance:

15 October 2020 Update (in case anyone wants to buy Kali an early Halloween gift)

Reit 18.88%
Digital Realty Trust, Inc. 15.22% 2.87%
Equinix, Inc. (REIT) 15.22% 2.87%
Crown Castle International Corp. (REIT) 11.96% 2.26%
American Tower Corporation (REIT) 11.96% 2.26%
SBA Communications Corporation 10.87% 2.05%
CyrusOne Inc. 10.87% 2.05%
Alexandria Real Estate 9.78% 1.85%
Prologis Inc 7.61% 1.44%
Duke Realty Corporation 6.52% 1.23%
Darlings 14.46%
StoneCo Ltd. 36.00% 5.21%
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. 32.00% 4.63%
NVIDIA Corporation 32.00% 4.63%
Semiconductors 13.72%
Broadcom Inc. 17.74% 2.43%
QUALCOMM Incorporated 16.13% 2.21%
ASML Holding N.V. 12.90% 1.77%
Texas Instruments Incorporated 12.90% 1.77%
Lam Research Corporation 8.87% 1.22%
KLA Corporation 8.87% 1.22%
Intel Corporation 8.07% 1.11%
Applied Materials, Inc. 7.26% 1.00%
Xilinx, Inc. 7.26% 1.00%
ADRs 10.70%
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited 28.13% 3.01%
Baozun Inc. 14.06% 1.50%
NETEASE INC. ADR/100 12.50% 1.34%, Inc. 12.50% 1.34%
Pinduoduo Inc. 10.94% 1.17%
SEA LTD CL.A(ADR)/1 10.94% 1.17%
BILIBILI ADR/1Z DL-,0001 10.94% 1.17%
Healthcare 9.37%
Intuitive Surgical, Inc. 21.67% 2.03%
Invitae Corporation 21.67% 2.03%
ChemoCentryx, Inc 15.00% 1.41%
Reata Pharmaceuticals, Inc 15.00% 1.41%
CRISPR Therapeutics AG 13.33% 1.25%
Amgen Inc. 13.33% 1.25%
Non-US Tech 9.03%
MercadoLibre, Inc. 25.71% 2.32%
Adyen N.V. 22.86% 2.07%
Alibaba Group Holding Limited 20.00% 1.81%
Prosus NV 20.00% 1.81%
Yandex N.V. 11.43% 1.03%
US Tech 8.97%
Square, Inc. 17.91% 1.61%
Visa Inc. 13.27% 1.19%
Mastercard Incorporated 13.27% 1.19%
Alphabet Inc. Class A 12.32% 1.11%
Roku, Inc. 11.94% 1.07%
Microsoft Corporation 11.38% 1.02%, Inc. 10.43% 0.94%
Lockheed Martin Corporation 9.48% 0.85%
CS/Dividend 8.18%
Church & Dwight Co., Inc. 26.83% 2.19%
Diageo plc 17.07% 1.40%
Kimberly-Clark Corporation 17.07% 1.40%
The Procter & Gamble Company 17.07% 1.40%
AbbVie Inc. 12.20% 1.00%
Pennon Group Plc 9.76% 0.80%
Misc 6.69%
Domino’s Pizza Group plc 21.05% 1.41%
Airbus SE 18.42% 1.23%
Bunzl plc 17.11% 1.14%
Bank of America Corporation 17.11% 1.14%
Polymetal 13.16% 0.88%
Compass Group PLC 13.16% 0.88%
All Shares (59)
Share %
StoneCo Ltd. 5.21%
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. 4.63%
NVIDIA Corporation 4.63%
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited 3.01%
Digital Realty Trust, Inc. 2.87%
Equinix, Inc. (REIT) 2.87%
Broadcom Inc. 2.43%
MercadoLibre, Inc. 2.32%
American Tower Corporation (REIT) 2.26%
Crown Castle International Corp. (REIT) 2.26%
QUALCOMM Incorporated 2.21%
Church & Dwight Co., Inc. 2.19%
Adyen N.V. 2.07%
CyrusOne Inc. 2.05%
SBA Communications Corporation 2.05%
Intuitive Surgical, Inc. 2.03%
Invitae Corporation 2.03%
Alexandria Real Estate 1.85%
Alibaba Group Holding Limited 1.81%
Prosus NV 1.81%
ASML Holding N.V. 1.77%
Texas Instruments Incorporated 1.77%
Square, Inc. 1.61%
Baozun Inc. 1.50%
Prologis Inc 1.44%
Domino’s Pizza Group plc 1.41%
ChemoCentryx, Inc 1.41%
Reata Pharmaceuticals, Inc 1.41%
Diageo plc 1.40%
Kimberly-Clark Corporation 1.40%
The Procter & Gamble Company 1.40%, Inc. 1.34%
NETEASE INC. ADR/100 1.34%
Amgen Inc. 1.25%
CRISPR Therapeutics AG 1.25%
Airbus SE 1.23%
Duke Realty Corporation 1.23%
KLA Corporation 1.22%
Lam Research Corporation 1.22%
Mastercard Incorporated 1.19%
Visa Inc. 1.19%
BILIBILI ADR/1Z DL-,0001 1.17%
Pinduoduo Inc. 1.17%
SEA LTD CL.A(ADR)/1 1.17%
Bank of America Corporation 1.14%
Bunzl plc 1.14%
Intel Corporation 1.11%
Alphabet Inc. Class A 1.11%
Roku, Inc. 1.07%
Yandex N.V. 1.03%
Microsoft Corporation 1.02%
AbbVie Inc. 1.00%
Applied Materials, Inc. 1.00%
Xilinx, Inc. 1.00%, Inc. 0.94%
Compass Group PLC 0.88%
Polymetal 0.88%
Lockheed Martin Corporation 0.85%
Pennon Group Plc 0.80%



@kali You mentioned in a thread if you were to start investing you’d invest in 4 stocks and add to them forever…I’m trying to find the thread? I think it was mercado libre, adyen, square and another? I could be wrong. Pls can you correct me? :slight_smile:

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