Do you keep your investment choices secret?

That’s not a real answer.

As we’ve just seen other companies break the law regardless. There’s likely not much in the way of deliberate wage gaps but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist, and being able to discuss your wage is one way in which people can ensure they are paid in line with their effort compared to others

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Different jobs, different masters, different risks, different pay.

You really think that someone with masters from STEM field should have same pay as some with useless literature masters?

No, and no one said as much.

But thats what pay inequality is all about, to be more specific its about gender wage gap. More men are in STEM fields and more women are in useless art masters, so hence the less pay.

Its all a myth.

Change field and you will have bigger salary


Men do work on riskier lines of work that pay better as well, security, construction, raw materials/natural resources. Plus we are not child bearers which reduces obvious mean income.

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I’m starting a new job in a few weeks, how can I be sure that the other person starting at the same time as me is getting the same pay if we don’t discuss it? You say the gender wage gap is a myth but then describe a reason why it exists?

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i just gave u a reason, read my post agains. 2nd sentence

The only gender disparity is more men are homeless, more men die in wars and more men go to prison. It’s gone the other way now.

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Why has this become a debate on gender inequality? Because I’m female and brought up discussing salaries?


There are two things that get mixed up. Equal pay, and equality of outcome.

Equal pay isn’t about getting paid the same as an engineer when you just clean floors. It’s about getting paid the same as an engineer because your also an engineer doing the same quality of work.

There is basically no significant evidence of any major specific wage gap between men and women for the same work. But people in general do sometimes get different wages for the same work, sometimes deliberately, sometimes accidentally.

The protections in the equality act about discussing pay is to ensure that employees are able to freely discuss their pay to ensure they have collective bargaining and are able to be paid fairly for the same work.

It’s got nothing to do with gender, or equal pay for different jobs. It’s about ensuring equal pay for the same jobs.

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because gender inequality is also a myth.

Just like Tesla :joy: hehe

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I hope you never discover someone doing the same job as you is getting paid more it might just burst your bubble. As I personally have experienced this ( we were both female so not saying it was a gender issue) I know for a fact it isn’t.


No but do you think Steve who does work package A should be paid different to larry who does work package A?

If Larry is pants yes. Obviously I don’t agree if you both do exactly the same to the same standard but experience and other variables can justify disparities although for menial jobs less so. If it bothers you leave, that’s what I do.


No ones talking about broad strokes differences with rules discussing pay it’s about the same people in the same environments.

Say the person in charge of hiring has a leeway of +/- 5%

dave comes in hes ever to work got a kid on the way and has great skills for the line he’s never negotiated pay before so he just takes the offer.

Now Larry comes in he knows the guy who’s doing the hiring also got relevant skills for the line, but Barry in charge of hiring goes “hey Larry just say you wont take the offer and I’ll bump you up the 5% just dont tell everyone”

Now statistically you’re going to be Dave and the only way you’re ever finding out is if Larry let’s slip.

How do you define “pants” though? It’s a nebulous concept for most roles

Larry might underperform and be paid more because the pay was set at hiring not after performance was able to be assessed

I constantly review my salary to the general labour market and would never let complacentcy dictate my earnings

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So you have zero idea what your colleagues earn but only check against against the general market?

Hi Dave;)

Why does it matter if I’m Dave or Larry my name is winner :joy:.