Drivewealth in specie transfer work around

According to this article I bumped into, in Freetrade and Revolut, which both use Drivewealth to access the market, someone found a workaround to do in-specie transfers.

They transferred out, not sure if transfer in could work the same.

I thought it was interesting to share…

Thanks for that - reads as if they’re still testing FT. For us I think the difference might be our assets are held in an omnibus account on 212’s books, whereas FT have your assets in an omnibus account with DriveWealth. So the Reddit person is skipping FT/Revolut and just doing a DriveWealth transfer out.

My concern with that would be that I would want my broker to authenticate the transfer, so not sure how they got that to happen AAM the connection should be FT/Rev to DriveWealth and that to me raises some security issues.

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I don’t know if there is a difference. 212 has the assets in IBKR and FT/Revolut in Drivewealth.

A difference that could make sense is if FT had separate accounts for every client, instead of 1 for all the assets, so it would be straightforward (don’t know if that is what you meant too).