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Koninklijke DSM N.V. was previously trading under ticker DSM.AS
I have them in my Pie and I am topping up weekly.
They have now merged with FIRMENICH and their newco is called DSM-Firmenich

DSM-Firmenich Ordinary Shares are trading under the symbol “DSFIR” and the ISIN code is

Here is a new press release relating to that:

Obviously, I couldn’t buy more shares today.
See the screenshot, it says “The Instrument now is in close-mode due to pending corporate action”

DSM shareholders who have not already tendered their shares have until 28 April at 17.40 hrs CEST to do so in a Post-Closing Acceptance Period.

Can someone please action this change?

Welcome to the Community! :wave:

DSM has been placed in close-only mode by our intermediary, due to the upcoming corporate action. Therefore, only closing orders are permitted.

However, we are in the process of confirming the latter circumstance, and will update the thread once there is any news.

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Quick update :wave:

The exchange offer by Firmenich for DSM has been declared unconditional, with all the transaction conditions either satisfied or waived. Therefore, the instrument has been suspended for trading on our platform. It is anticipated that the pay date for the distribution of newly issued DSM-Firmenich shares with a ratio of 1 DSM-Firmenich share for every 1 DSM share held will be on or around May 3rd, 2023. Nevertheless, you will receive a confirmation once the event has been completed.

More information can be found here :ok_hand: