Dutch tax overview (jaaroverzicht)

Although income tax policies are currently under debate in The Netherlands, we currently have a wealth tax that considers total stock value at year start and dividends paid per country. When I requested the tax report from Trading 212 it took me several hours to calculate these values to add to the Dutch tax income statement. Dutch brokers however have these values either prefilled in the tax income statement or supply a yearly statement where account value for 1st day of each year and dividends per country (and withheld dividend tax) are stated in a report.
Not having such a statement makes it tough for Dutch Trading 212 users to fill in the tax declaration.

Took me a minute :joy:
It’s already a spreadsheet format, just sort the transaction by the prefix of the ISIN, and aggregate the tax paid by those. Convert all to euro, and voilà.

Actually had more issue getting the portfolio value, as I had to pick the right day on the “max” chart.