Novavax i want to cry

When you bought NVAX at 7 dollar sold it at like 12 dollars, even tho in my head I knew it was going to blast off cos of the fda fast track for influenza and covid came about (ironic) I’m so sad right now seriously

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Buffett wouldn’t have made that mistake


He has tho hasn’t it with many tech stocks! I’m not into these type of stocks I saw it said influenza fda fast tracked thought let me have a gamble made nice profit got out of it. Nobody goes broke booking a profit

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He’s done this same thing with every tech stock there is, he’s cut loads of shares short to soon. It’s how you learn the game

Paul Tudor Jones : “Where you want to be is always in control, never wishing, always trading, and always, first and foremost protecting your butt.”

Worry about the risk and the profit will look after itself :+1:
Or some philosophical BS like that anyway :laughing:

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:joy: I’ll take the last part in most I protected myself, from profits :joy:

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You protected yourself from profits?

Was a joke haha cos it says most importantly protect your butt. So I’m saying I made money, I protected myself but downside was could of made more

Now go down a beer with those profits and onward to the next trade.

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Yep into something more my cup of beer :beers: haha, should be able to block stocks from appearing everytime I see it I’m like oh wow

if you brag at least do it SWAG style with number of shares bought and that 5 digit profit… oh wait… :crystal_ball:

Eh? Says the guy who posted his pie with potential upside with a share of 0.0045 :joy: get out of here I really really wanna see your portfolio

I’ve built my portfolio up over the year and nearly doubled up, through market turmoil I’ve doubled up. Wait for a bull run… :rocket:

Where you will significantly underperform the market over a longer period? :rofl:

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Buffett has 43% of his BH fund in $AAPL :flushed:

What? Don’t get that haha

So that means he hasn’t missed other tech stocks? He’s publicly said it, so that comment is irrelevant

It means he isn’t diversified enough. He is breaking his own rules which is interesting.

Buffett never advocated diversification for himself. Only for retail investors who don’t have a clue what they’re doing.


Well, I definitely don’t know what I’m doing compared to him thats for sure! :joy: