Effect of changing residence on long term investments

Hello community members,

I would like to know how do you plan to manage long term investments in case you move to another country in future?

I am an indian national currently residing in Germany. I am concerned about using trading 212 for long term investments (say 15+ years). I see that I would have to open an account with Residence country as Germany. I can deposit funds in Euros using my German bank account and take positions etc.

But, what happens if I decide to move to another country/home country. Trading212 support says I would need to close my German account and open a new one. That clearly can not work for long term investment.

I am sure there would be many under the same situation and any help would be appreciated in this regards.

@annk Why can you not own assets in another country as long as you pay any taxes due there? If you are using your own type of tax free savings type like the UK have an isa then this is a different story

@Lenos1980 my understanding from trading212 support was that we can not use an account belonging to a country of which one is no longer a resident of. I should probably reconfirm?

In all honesty I haven’t tried but if you can buy shares in other countries with the tax calculated there then I don’t see why you can’t move your address and then keep your investments? As long as the companies you have shares in are eligible for ownership or available to buy in your new country of residence.
Please post an outcome to this for us if and when you find one.
@Team212 do you have an answer to this?

so I had a chat again with a new support agent and he said there will not be any impact on my existing account if I move back. This is quite contradictory to the first support agent who said I would need to close my existing account and open a new one.

@Team212 could you confirm the following:

I currently have an account opened as a german resident. There would be no effect on my trading account if I move to my home country (India) or any of your supported country anytime in future. If I lose access to my german bank account then withdrawal would be possible to another country’s bank account on my name.

@annk Greetings. The answer to your question is yes - you may continue trading even if you change the country of your residence. There would be no need to close your positions or account and the information in our database could simply be updated.

In order to do that we may require some additional documents depending on your specific case. If you are planning to move from one country to another I would recommend you to inform us prior to that change and we will guide you through.

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I have the same situation and I talked with two support team members and both of them told me I have to close my account!
I sold all of my stocks and investments for that and now, you say it was possible to change my country with my current account! :broken_heart:

@drjacky i also talked with 2 support agents and one of them told me to close my account and the other said I can keep it open. Hence the post here. @Michael.P what are we missing?
Apparently all the support agents are not aware of ‘no need to close positions’ on changing country.


Thanks for the reply. At least someone replied!

I contacted them a couple of times through contact form and email, directly and got no response.

I asked to delete my account and after I found this topic, I’ve sent another email to ask for if this is possible to change the country without deleting the account, please do NOT delete my account; And again, I got no answer.

I’m not sure why Chat Support doesn’t work anymore! Till ~a week ago I was able to talk with the support team through the live-chat but now, when I click on the chat button, it redirects to the contact page! Is that the same for you guys? :thinking:

CC: @Team212

Maybe it helps someone later on:

It is POSSIBLE to change the country without deleting the account. I’ve received an email from id@trading212.com and they confirmed that. Just need to send POA to that email address.

Special thanks to @Tony.V :+1:t3:


@drjacky thanks for following up and updating here. Hope this possibility reduced some hassles for you.

Hi all, very interesting discussion! I will soon move to another country as well and also change my address, bank account & tax number, so I have similar questions as you! I was wondering what happens with you tax number and tax declaration, you will declare the capital gains in India going forward correct ? Whatever you previously sold and gain in Germany and after the change in India correct ?

Hey, @TR3

We will follow the procedure for changing your address and account details as per usual.

Whenever you decide to do so, please reach out via our contact form and our dedicated team will gladly assist you.

If a EU citizen moves for work in the USA. does it still hold ?

Hey @Jeffrey_C :wave:

As long as there are no local restrictions, you can manage your account from pretty much all over the world, excluding the USA. Here’s an article in our help centre where you may find more information on the subject.

Hi BE,
Thanks, I looked at the article but it states ISA. I dont have that, I am not based in the UK, I have a normal invest account. I am currently in the process to work in the USA for a couple of years. Hence the reasons I am asking. Also moving out my shares will help avoiding cutting down my investments.

Misread, I saw the small piece on Invest account.
Well, I guess moving out my shares it the only way so my bank could keep my assets.

Hello, I would like to ask if I move from an EU country to another one, can I change my tax identification number to the one I am going to receive from my new residence ? If yes, will my withholding tax for dividends change automatically ? Thank you for your time.

@rikos96 if you want a prompt response you should send this question as a support ticket.