Email Responses

Anyone else having problems with the email support not responding to them, i cashed out all of my positions yesterday and pressed withdraw to bank and it said failed try again, however it still removed all the money from my account. In the history it doesnt show it has been withdrawn but its not in the account, i havent had a notification or email confirming where its gone either. to make it even better email support arent responding to the emails as to where all my money is

i hope everything works out for you man. My platform is not even opening. Not on the pc and neither on my phone.

Sorry man, their customer service is non existence now, a few months ago it was great, live chat, email responses, now I’ve had tickets open for a month that still haven’t had a response

My account won’t allow me to withdraw my money, I have all of the money in free funds and when I type the password in to withdraw it says please try again I’ve tried all day long I deleted the app and reinstalled I’ve also cleared cache and tried I’ve tried on a couple different of my devices and also the web page. I need my money out the account so how am I able to get it out please?

Hi @Bayleyshaw3 welcome to the forum. As you can no doubt expect, the support team will be experiencing unprecedented support requests. Support tickets are answered in order. The team will get to you.