Withdrawal not actioned

I have requested withdrawal of my funds and you requested for me to contact you by presenting this contact page which I filled and submitted. The next thing I notice the funds aren’t showing as credited in my account nor are they showing as balance on the account. Where are my funds? I need an update asap.

I posted my query within the help section on your community forum and your staff has removed it without responding to me, which is not only unprofessional but also very concerning for a FCA regulated organisation as yourself!

I need an update as a matter of urgency.

@Guins007 there are a few of us in the same situation, would be great if you get a reply.

Hey guys,

@Guins007 Upon delisting your previous post, I also sent you a message about why such threads will be deleted. Moreover, all withdrawals are executed in up to 2 business days as per terms. Your funds are in your account, and you can locate them under “Manage funds” tab. Since you have provided all the requested details, then you can expect an update by us.

@SamA1984 If you have reached our customer care team, then you may expect a reply from our team. I’d just like to ask you for a bit more patience. :pray:

Hi @Tony.V,

Thanks for the reply, I get that you’re probably asked a lot of questions each day so I do appreciate it. I’ve reached out a number of times but I’ve not heard anything back at all and still have the issue in not being able to withdraw funds.


Hi Tony
No I have no message showing up from you unfortunately but appreciate your reply over here. The funds are showing in managed funds with a yellow light and here’s a picture of the same. Kindly advise.

Screenshot_20200407-210124_Trading 212|281x500

Hey @Tony.V,

this looks like it may be an issue with the recent removal of Paypal as a depositing or withdrawing mechanism. @Guins007 was you also using PayPal? I’ve just asked @Conarb and he was also using PayPal and has the same problem.


Whilst requesting a withdrawal, it didn’t even ask me where I want the withdrawal made…

withdrawals are made to the source of funds, so typically nobody gets asked where they want the funds to go.

Hi @Tony.V are you able to chase a reply for us? Not being able to access our own money is quite worrying. I made a deposit last night and that went through fine. It agin the withdrawal wouldn’t work

@SamA1984 have you tried moving your money to one of the other platforms and then withdrawing?

All withdrawals are processed as usual now. Once again, I’d like to remind you that the standard execution time is up to 2 business days.

One thing I’d like to clarify here: many of you have noticed that PayPal was removed. The reason for that is a malfunction in their system. In a nutshell: PayPal refunded some of the funds without the client or us initiating it.

As a result: some of you have ended up of having their funds remain in their trading account, while the very same sum was deducted from our PP balance and refunded to the client. So we had to review each account while expecting an outcome by PayPal. However, we’re not a debt collecting company, and we rely that PayPal will refund what was issued incorrectly. We will not interfere with clients’ balances.

We appreciate that some of you contacted us, and directly suggested to fund back those sums, understanding the issue is not on our side. We also noticed that some of you got worried that we’ll try to recover those funds and urged the withdrawals - as mentioned above: we will not deduct even a single penny from your accounts.

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I have been expecting receipt of funds from you. I don’t seem to have received these

Could you at your earliest please confirm the account / card numbers and the monies sums that the monies have been sent to?


Takes 2-3 working days. It’s a 4 day weekend.

@Guins007 The funds were issued towards one of your cards on 8th of April, so I expect that you’ll have them in your bank account in about 1-2 days. :money_with_wings: