Email Updates and Notifcations To Users

We only ever hear news, issues, updates, project maps etc. via the community or occasional app notifcations. How about you send a very basic and easy to implement email to your customer base that we can opt in to?

Would help engage your customer base more and keep us regularly informed. A lot of things we find out on social media before Trading212 notify us, which is not how a service such as this should be run.


Here’s an extra :heart: too.

Was just talking in the other thread how communication needs to improve.

I would definitely subscribe to this.


Solid idea but can I just say this should really be opt out instead of opt in by default :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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It’s only required information related to your account that can be sent without consent. (Some businesses really push that definition)

General updates/news would need to be opt in under GDPR.

A one time pop up in the app saying that they now have a newsletter and would you like to subscribe or not is probably the way forward.

It would then added under settings to toggle on or off.


As an example, the recent server issues we had in the last month or so - would have been nice and courteous for an email communication or app notification to alert us they were aware and are working to fix the issue. As opposed to loads of people posting on the community. Just one message eliminates all the unecessary new threads that inevtiably start.

And when they recently introduced 1000’s of new stocks and ETFs. Personally, I found out about this via a YouTube channel I follow. Not Trading 212!

Anyone can decided to opt in or out of these email updates. But would be nice to have an option with type of update, frequency etc. Even a weekly newsletter would be a start.