Epic reit charges

Hi all,just wondering peoples thought’s on this,i like the look of it but am somewhat concerned by the near 3.5 percent ongoing charges,seems very steep,thought’s and experiences with the reit and the said chrages welcome,thanks.

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I don’t know a huge amount about this Reit, but I’m sure there are better options. The share price return has been among the worst in the AIC commercial property sector over five years.

EPIC seems popular because it pays income monthly – but, for me at least, that alone is not a good enough reason to invest.

Thanks a lot for the reply,ill have to do a lot more digging.

No worries. If cost is your primary concern – you could do a lot worse than something like HPRO.

0.24% expense ratio. It gives you broad exposure to property across the developed world and different sectors such as logistics, health, digital, storage etc.