Error with Sell price on CFD?

I was playing around with the practice account and noticed that I could never get in at the exact sell price displayed in the trade pop up box.

For example I am going to sell 1 CFD here for Nikola. Sell price is $28.077

The second I enter the trade, it shows my position at $28.064 (red dotted line)


I tried this a few times and could never get it at exactly the sell price. My position always ended a fraction of a cent below the actual sell price (red straight line). Which means I lost a fraction more money on top of the spread.

Is this a bug?

P.S. this was premarket, when there was basically no movement. I can’t try it again now because the market is all over the place.

I think the rule “Market orders are executed at the best available price” applies here.

Also there will always be a very small difference in time between placing the order and the execution, and a lot can happen in a fraction of a second!

Try again but with an unpopular stock and see what happens.

Popular or not, it seems like the price was only updated after I executed an order. Otherwise it just sits there doing nothing. Kinda sucks.