Eurasia mining confusion

Does anyone know what’s actually going on with EUA???

Was 4p months ago shares suspended just reopened now at 14p ???

How does that work ??? Like did someone buy millions behind scenes or did they just say Yh add 10p a share on :rofl:

Neither of those, I think. This is just a (somewhat protracted) instance of a share being priced at one level at one time and another level at another time without occupying any of the intermediary price points. Aside from its protracted character, what’s unusual about that?

It closed at 7p not 4p.


Just how it was 4p shares were suspended for clarification on some business relationships and now its 13p… I just dno how that works haha I might sound dumb but yh

And my bad 7p! I should of known I’m up nice on them haha, on freetrade

I’m a little unclear about what’s confusing you here.

But as an aside: why is there a number in your name?

I don’t know :man_shrugging:t5: Dont u find it strange no one has been able to buy or sell any shares so how has the price rose? Like did it just come back on like that

And most would say I’m the 1 :joy: haha joke I don’t know tbh, I’ve got it on others that I had to put a number in the username so I just copied it

The reason it’s Medici is because blockchain haha if u know about ripple/xrp there hq is like the medici era and a main baron who was a Medici is high up in ripple, the Romans are back to take over I’m just making sure they know I support em :rofl:

Even ideanomics changed there subsidiary to Medici motors i was like wow :joy::thinking: it’s a sign

Yes I know about the Medici family. I did a little bit of history way back when.

I was mainly confused about why you appeared to spell it with two 'i’s at the end in both your name and your Instagram.

Same again username had to be certain amount of characters I just thought 2is haha

Stock was suspended pending clarification about relationship with other company (buyout or some other kind of partnership) price of PGM matters as well

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I know but then how has price rose? If I can’t buy or sell or no one can wouldn’t it come back on as normal price

No. It would come back on at whatever the opening price on the day it came back on was. And a lot can happen in the time it wasn’t trading.

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But how can an opening price be higher if no one is buying to make it rise? I might be coming off stupid here but I just don’t get it :joy::joy:

People are buying it. At the time it opened.

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Fair enough now I understand now just was confusing

So one thing to keep in mind is that the opening price is the first price at which the transaction takes place on that day, rather than the price of the last transaction that took place before the open.

@revelcsi1iicidem here is good enough article about that

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I totally understand allll that just confuses me during night when everyone sleeping is it say “pending orders” that factors in before stocks opening etc…? in the book (forgot name) buffet talks about he says you can determine whether a price is going to go up or down by simply calculating the number of buyers and sellers.

A stock will gap or gap down from the previous close for a number of reasons.

If you place a market order before open you will be vulnerable to this.

In your thread that was closed earlier where you placed an order for “banco de sabadell” before open and executed at 8:00 you can see the gap up from the last candle.

Here’s a closer showing you got bang on the open.

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I know I need to stop buying pre market without setting prices my own fault was only a tenner as I saw they stopped last dividend for this year so I can take my time now with adding to these, I think there wayyyyyyy undervalued but we’ll see! Another is CEMIG like 2dollars a share and they have like 4 billion revenue and like 2 billion income :rofl: pay a dividend to it’s like what