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is normal that a execution order to sell a stock takes 50 minutes…

By the way the Ticker is BANT, been waiting 58 minutes to execute, placed an order to execute LMND toke me 10 sec…seriously, I was up 258, now I’m only 66, but I will leave it for sell till it goes, also placed a order to GEVO and was executed asap a buy order the average wasn’t correct, but ok, but 58 minutes to execute an order no response what so ever from costumer service, and you guys keep telling me I’m the one wrong.
I have Interactive brokers prop AND DONT HAPPEN THAT THERE…

Just a user like you here. Please investigate before making false accusations.
BANT is traded on the OTC and has a minuscule Market Cap., not to mention the very low liquidity.
For LMND it was just 1-2 sec, the rest of the seconds were the app interface processing.

Dont talk nonsenses, Im trading the same ticker on IBK, and I sold it in no time, no issues at all, and stop with this reply’s, stating false accusations, because the demand for BANT is big and is not the first time this happen is a common practice, and to be honest, happens a lot not only on this stock, sometimes you keep getting the msg, try again for ages ok, so please don’t say nonsenses about what people experience, beside when you place an order you expect this order to be executed, and they were just canceled, they didnt even let you place the order for selling, so what you talking about small market cap, the orders were canceled as soon you placed them.
But you know the least you can expect is one simple communication saying that there is a issue or they are fixing it, or what ever, but something and that is another failure.
by the way read the article.

@JAG That’s outright false, we were explicitly told by IB that yesterday evening, their liquidity to BANT was cut off, it’s not something specific to Trading 212. Please, don’t make false accusations here, that won’t be tolerated.

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David, you washed your hands last night blaming IB , as you guys often do :slight_smile:
You don’t tolerate JAG to be upset cause he prooly lost a big amount of money not being able to execute his trade, but you tolerate Trading212 to have these problems over and over again ?
Speak to your boss, we need Trading212 to stop using IB and find a better way forward !


Hiya David can you or get one of your buddies to reply and help me out here…

Ive had a sell order pending on its 3rd day now - Ticker SWC i dont think that’s normal can you check it out please.

Ive tried all the usual recommendations cancelling and making smaller with stop/limit functions to no avail.


Seems a dictatorship here, or you say something excellent about T212 or you simple cut off…thank you for your kind and elucidative reply, perhaps my funds are more appreciated somewhere else where, by the way I’m a General Manager, with 1500 employees under my wing, by Profession and I run a 10 million dollar business environment weekly!!
And if I ever would have one of my associates answering and resolving the concerns the way you do or the way you face them, I will give them the award of the year.
once again, much obliged your acts and words, speak by themselves, perhaps a communication informing the concern would be the lest we would appreciated, and don’t forget the most and more important of all, T212 is not lending me or funding my trading is the other way around.

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Personally, you see more like someone spending to much time on reddit /twitter chasing some penny stock.

If IBK has better execution as you claim in post above, not sure why you “lose money” trading same ticker on T212?? How does this logically make sense?

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Thank you for your comment describes the person.

have a great day