Execution Times - Credit Where Credit Is Due

Many of us rush to this forum to give Trading 212 a lot of stick (and rightfully so) when it doesn’t live up to the high standards that it sets itself, however it’s only fair to praise it when it does get things right. Over the past few days, I’ve noticed considerably faster execution times compared to what they were before. For example, today I had two trades on two different accounts (one on an account belonging to a relative) execute a minute after the market opened, which is at least 10-15 minutes quicker than I’ve experienced in the past. Well done Trading 212


Patience is a virtue (I myself need more of).

I am confident t212 is working hard to fix current issues. I hope in the next few days to weeks limit orders <100€ will get back.

And I agree with you, we should also praise what t212 does well! @Team212


That’s the independent broker you want to thank then lol but, liquidity also plays a big part in it. Support do deserve more appreciation :clap:t2: