Experience with SEPA deposits

Hi, I was wondering whether anyone has experienced a similar problem like me:
It had been a week since I made a deposit through SEPA, but the money has not appeared on my account yet.
I double-checked the recipient IBAN as well as the reference number. The money was sent from a regular EUR bank account in my name (i.e. no Revolut).

Is it just me or does this happen sometimes?

Trading212 says not to use third party services. I would assume that Revolut qualifies as a third party service and not as a regular bank.

…which is good to know but does not answer my question “why that happens when I am sending money from a regular bank account”

Yes. It happened to me also. I waited for almost 3 weeks and had to contact support. Then they fix it in the same day.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I sent them a message on Saturday so let’s see when this gets sorted out.

Sorry I didn’t read correctly. I also tried to withdraw money recently but I waited for 4 days without anything happening. Tried contacting support but no answer from them.

Update: The issue with my transfer had to be solved manually. It is still not clear what has gone wrong.

Are you sure you included the text “REFERENCE CODE: [your number]”?

Maybe it does not work when you miss this text or if you only write the number without the "REFERENCE CODE: " before the number. I am putting the entire string, not only the number.

Not sure if it will work if only the number is included (without the text "REFERENCE CODE: " before the number).

I did not include the text, only the number. I have asked T212 for more details on what exactly went wrong, but it looks like they don’t check tickets that are already closed.

@chovanecm Everything seems fine on your end, and all provided details are matching what we require. It was more a technical delay since we had manually to add the funds. We’re working on further improving & automating the process so we can avoid such inconvenience in the future.