Extended hours, after hours, pre market


hmm, why want to make this common feature as in Webull and Robinhood as a paid service?

tbh, if Robinhood launches its UK service (though the plan is currently dead), I’d consider changing my brokerage

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Ach I’m sure everyone would find fault with Robinhood if they switched over. There’s always something to complain about - don’t robinhood restrict trades to 3 a day or something? That would rile up loads of folk.

Most diligent thing to do is spread your risk across a couple of platforms. RH for penny stocks, 212 for investing. FSCS now protecting £170k of your money rather than £85k due to holding all your money in the same place.

Been a few posts about premium accounts and additional charges but one of the biggest draws of 212 for me is that it’s FREE. And I don’t think adding a charge for more flexibilty in the market would stop most of the RH wannabes. More likely they’d jump on it as it potentially means they can make more money.

good luck with that

Oh! the whole world was looking forward to this…

Hoping we can get some lights on the extended hours trading.

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If you are using another platform for extended hours, you must have noticed it is quite a bit different than open market times. This cannot be taken lightly and given to retail investors who has limited experience. (Disclaimer I have never traded nor I shall never will trade in penny stocks) The spread is generally multiples bigger than open market hours, and trying to execute market orders might be really dangerous.

Even if you have the ability to check asks and bids spread, there are very successful “market maker” bots, which scan the biggest spreads and then make a tiny order narrowing this spread to almost nothing, and creating a big order behind this.
when a “taker” comes in and asks for 100 shares, he’ll buy 1 “ok/good” price share and 99 extremely bad prices ones.

This is just one of the simplest traps that you can fall into, and however many “I agree” checkboxes you implement warning about these dangers, common unsuspecting users will fall into these a lot.

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@trading212, please can you clarify why extended hours are not available in Trading and ISA?

I am aware that what seems like extended hours is available in CFD, and not having it available makes it particularly difficult to plan next trades for the start of the next trading session.

To be clear, I am not asking for the ability to trade after hours, but to see what is happening so allowing trade plans te be easily made.

Thank you.

Is it possible to extend the trading hours beyond normal trading hours for NASDAQ and NYSE markets? Please let me know! TIA

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Hi @kali, from my perspective I have no real desire to trade pre/post market, so none of this concerns me personally, but I do wish to see what happened as it has a direct impact in normal trading hours.

If you view any indicator going from normal trading hours one day to the next, versus with post/pre market information, you will notice a distinct difference on what story your indicators are telling you.

See examples below, specifically notice the difference on Ichimoku:

Without pre/post market:

With pre/post market:

The OP exclusively asked for the ability to trade but I see your point and yes that might be helpful

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I hope in the future we will have access to Pre-market and After hours.
If Robinhooders have access why should we not have it ? :slight_smile:
and it needs to be available on both CFD and Invest :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the inclusion of extended hours pre and post-market would be another giant leap forward for T212 ahead of the competition. I’m also tired of feeling jealous of many of our American counterparts who enjoy this ability from a few big name brokers over there


Adding pre / after market hours would be a huge improvement to this platform.

There’s a large risk in some trades (e.g earning plays) that means I exit early because this feature is missing.


I spoke to T212 on the FCS thing, they confirmed that in the event on T212 our positions would be protected. T212 is just a platform to allow us to trade; the stocks we own are of those companies opposed to positions directly in T212, as you know.

They were very cagey on the procedure if T212 did cease trading though, that made me a little nervous.

Would this stop the IPOs starting at say 20 and by the time it’s on 212 it being 40?

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No. IPOs don’t open with the market on the day - they open mid-session. It would make no difference. The private funders and the institutions get first dibs.

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also there is little to no rush about buying the IPO on the instant it gets released.

Most common pattern on IPOs even for the most successful ones is cup with a handle.

Even if an IPO is gaining on constant speed without any drawbacks (which is extremely rare) there is little to no difference buying it on release vs the day after. People who bought walmart at release are 3000% up (<-- made up number) people who bought 3 weeks after release are up 2850%( <-- made up number 2)

buying on a bid/offer pre-float is only important if you are going to invest a significant amount.
I was following StoneCo IPO months before, it was available to bid on interactive investor pre-float, I still let it go. Warren buffet bought it at release for 23$ I bought it at 15-16$ two weeks after, at the bottom of the cup. The difference is he bought a lot :slight_smile:

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I have considered moving to IB for the after hours trading. We are at a distinct disadvantage by not having this access.
As long as we do not have pre and post market access, we are not on a level playing field and our capital is at risk wild swings based on earnings announcement etc.
I’m seriously considering a move.


What’s stopping you from moving to IB right now?

Is IB the only broker that does extended hours? Which other brokers in the UK offer this?

Really need this, for better risk management.

I am not sure, but when looking around, IB seemed to offer access to tonnes and tonnes of markets.
I’m in the middle of an account application now with them.

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