Suggestions for Trading212. First personal post here.

Here are some ideas some of the users might agree on:

  • improve design of the web trading platform (maybe a desktop app). The current one is out of date, limited display options and just… boring.
  • I know on the phone app you have the posibilitty of having TradingView design but wouldn be great if we could actually connect our broker account to the TradingView platform. Everyone else from IKBR to Capital has it, even some bad brokers still have this option. As a paid member at TradinView I also suggested this idea to them.
  • maybe try to improve options for people who are day traders. The fill speed on cfds seems fast but many times right when you open or close the postion you are filled with a difference and price is lagging (and no, it is not because of my hardware or internet connection). Buy-sell spreads are could also be improved.
  • maybe next to the price, a percentage % number would be in order to show how much is the bid-sell spread comparing to the price (if in volatile market you would see 1.5% for example, you would know you`re loosing that much of the whole order immediately as you place the order.) When trading fast it’s sometimes a little hard to take in consideration price action, position size and also calculate the spread in same time.
  • a section where you could configurate “hotkeys” would be great, for example you press Alt-F2 or something like that and it it closes 1/2 of your position on the ticker you’re looking at. Or other options like that.
    -a dedicated scanner for the Trading212 tickers like Trade Ideas, Chart Watchers or even Trading Terminal has (which is amazing and for free)
  • Level 2 market data would also be awesome

There would be many ideas, personally I`m starting to think IKBR is superior if you want to day trade but would love for Trading212 to catch up because that would also mean more number of customers.

Best regards.

Welcome to the Community! :tada:

We’re planning improvements in that area.

This feature is not available yet, but we’ll make sure to inform you, if if becomes live.

While CFD orders are filled almost simultaneously, a drastic price movement can cause a difference between the fill price and the price you’ve seen last. The spread when trading with CFDs depends on the market conditions and the instrument’s liquidity. As for the spread, it depends on the market conditions and the instrument’s liquidity. It tends to be wider during volatile periods and extended hours.

Unfortunately, as the market is volatile and rapidly changing, such a feature would be difficult to be implemented.

That’s indeed an interesting suggestion, and I’ll pass it on for further consideration.

No plans on introducing Level 2 data or displaying the bid/offer spread as of yet. If that changes, we’ll let you know.