Finding random shares

Because there are so many shares available on Trading 212, I have been typing random letters into the search function to see what shares appear :grinning:

It was interesting to see some of the shares that it came up with, that I thought were interesting businesses.

Anyone else done that? Could be a new process for choosing shares for your pie entitled “Random Pie” or " I am leaving share picking to Fate Pie" :rofl:

This sounds like “scrabble bag investing:slightly_smiling_face:

Earlier this month – sat in front of a sign saying “stocks are easy” – Dave Portnoy explained his investment philosophy.

“You just take a couple letters, you mush ’em together, you press ‘buy, buy buy’, and you watch it go up, up, up. That’s how this works,” the sports blogger-turned-investor told his fans.

A few days later, prompted by some gentle ribbing of his claims on CNBC, Portnoy made good on his boast. Ripping open a new box of the tile-based word game, he drew R and T – pointing him towards defence contractor Raytheon.

“Don’t know nothing about it,” he said. “Two hundred grand, market order – done."

Since then, Raytheon shares have fallen about 5pc. While Portnoy’s trade may not go down as one of history’s great investments, it epitomised a corner of the trading world that has gained increasing attention in recent weeks.

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Another method is to inverse yourself. Whatever you were going to do, do the opposite. 50% of the time it works every time.

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Yep “Scrabble investing” is a perfect description.

Doing that is no longer investing… its more like buying a raffle ticket.

Sounds like a fun time, wouldn’t put huge amounts into the pie if I ever did it but when I’m earning way more than I know how to spend I might give it a go.