Fix the blue dot in these forums

On the desktop forums there is a blue dot on the left panel to indicate that there are new posts. At the top is “Topics” and it often has a blue dot next to it. However, at times (not always) no threads have a blue dot and it is impossible to clear the blue dot. Today “Topics” and “Investing” have blue dots but if I click on the investing section to see all of the topics in that section none have blue dots and even if I view all of the ones that have had posts in the last week the blue dots (on the left column) remain so viewing all recently updated topics hasn’t cleared the blue dots

Edit: Also on the overall page in the middle there is a general info panel that says how many “new” topics there are. Today it is saying 2 new topics but if I click it (to filter everything to only see those topics) is says there’s nothing. There seems to be a few bugs in the forum but nothing serious just slightly annoying

This doesn’t appear to be happening on my end, but I raised the issue you described with the Discourse team. I will do some tests while waiting for their reply to try to reproduce this.

I’ll keep you posted.

Upon checking your account with the Discourse team, we observed the blue dot notifications for both the “Topic” and “My Posts” sections. Specifically, there was a new post in their Topics panel titled “New Equity Trading API in Beta - Try it Out in Practice Mode!” which, when clicked, successfully removed the notification from the sidebar.

It seems that you were drafting a topic, which triggered the blue dot next to “My Posts.” However, I no longer see the draft, and the blue dot has been removed from that section as well.

I’ll continue monitoring to ensure the blue dots don’t reappear. Let me know if you see something that doesn’t seem right, and I’ll look into it again.

Thank you very much for following this up. I haven’t worked out exactly what causes it and the persistent blue dot isn’t always there. If it continues I will try to be more diligent noting what clears it. I don’t think it is simply because I might have had a pending draft. One additional aspect is that if you click “Topics” to go to the overall summary in the central column that is a button that filters the list for “new posts” (unread new posts) and it says that there are unread new posts (yesterday it was saying 2 new posts) but when you click it to see the unread posts it says that there aren’t any new unread posts. Something is indicating to the code that there are new posts when there aren’t

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