Execution lag/delay at start of trading?

Each day at 14:30 when the US stock market opens orders seem to take forever to execute…
A couple of days ago I tried to purchase Walmart: after about 2 minutes, when the stock was $2 higher my purchase order was still sat in Pending. I cancelled it.
Each day, I notice this happen, orders are taking wayyyy longer than later in the day.
Does anyone else experience this problem? Is there any solutions?

Using Limit buy solves the issue :slight_smile: Problem however this days is price jumps 5-10% right on open, so I don’t even try to buy on green days.

But anyway using limit buys, which you can set in advance , you avoid traffic jam which happens on market open.

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Thanks for the reply and advice, shame you cannot use these with Fractional shares yet: I’m still learning so not investing big amounts :confused:

It should happen in next major release due in April. Along with many other great features.