Fractional shares are here!

This is so good you must shout it to the rooftops by email!

On Android one of the watch lists is for newly added stocks (I moved VHYL over from FT table to T212 ISA when another user noted addition of new Vanguard ETFs) - I asked the same question as I don’t see this option on iPad.

To help this ace feature, could we have a box asking the value we would like to buy to avoid multiple choice at what the fractions equal, thanks!

Smash the like button Amount you want to pay

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It seems to only work for market order and not for limit order, if that’s the case, can we expect to have it available for limit order any time soon.

@genleeshin Yes, fractions will be available for all types of orders very soon.


That’s great, Wisdom Tree palladium/platinum just missed out on some investment :slight_smile:

so glad to see this rolling out, just wish i noticed the community forums sooner. Waiting with excitement to see Pepsico make the list.

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Any chance you could enable fractional trading for Quanta Services (PWR) and Aptiv PLC (APTV)?

@Cam I’m disappointed you didn’t come to me for a referral link + free share :eyes:

@ukcz :joy::joy: seems like we’re starting to takeover round here

Please can we have realty income (o) it’s a monthly dividend payer added. Would make it easy to reinvest as it’s over $60 a share and have to buy a minimum of 2 shares at a time

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However O is grossly overpriced at current valuation. Should wait for pullback to 65$ish for initiating position. :wink:

Perhaps but there’s been significant pullback from its high of $82 already. fractional shares would be useful for cost averaging your entry points, saving the larger full share purchases for when it seem to bottom out. It looks to me however that O may have already hit its new bottom and is back to its usual growth from here onwards. Realty Income is still at a pretty accessible price-range compared to companies like Apple, Alphabet, PepsiCo etc who all trade north of $100.

Must say I am surprised at some companies that already have fractional’s like Tesco that trade below £3 a share.

While I agree on O, there are many other Reits which got hit worst and are at attractive valuation, ie SPG.


Would be good if WSML and maybe WCOS could also be fractional although I guess WSML is more likely

@Hairy Seems doable. I will get back to you once it’s ready. :chocolate_bar:


@Cam The initial rollout will involve the trendier equities. We’ll place these two in the pipeline. :ok_hand:t2:

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@Dao It just did! Along with Realty Income (O). @growingdividends


@David legendary. This’ll work great down the road. :+1:

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