Revolut vs Trading212 Apple stock split

I was wondering.

Why was Revolut able to split the fractional shares, when Trading212 forced to sell them?

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Their platform is not yet able to handle splits properly yet. Hopefully in the future it’s possible.

Simply put, other features are/had more priority, I would say.

It is not that hard to put market order to buy them back. :slight_smile:

tbf I wouldn’t trust revolut in the long term. I have not had access to my account in 17 months, as they want a death certificate of the person that sent me money to unlock my account.

I’d also like to see T212 handle fractional shares the same way as Revolut in future - by not forcing us to sell anything and splitting fractionals too. Great platform, will be made even better by doing this

I have no trouble putting the market in order to buy them back. Just the headache of reporting to my tax authority is a pain.

Because in Finland if you sell below a certain threshold you don’t have to pay taxes. So this Apple split kind of messed up my investment plans.

Most likely because Revolut, Freetrade and Stake are powered by Drivewealth for US fractional shares and Drivewealth have newer technology than the big brokers like IB who power Trading212.

Maybe check if there is part if you rebuy under certain period, that you are not required to pay tax.

I think some countries have 30 days to repurchase or something.