2-Factor Authentication Released!

We’re eager to announce the launch of the often requested feature: Two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an optional layer of security to your Trading 212 account, designed to ensure that you’re the only person who can access it.

Instead of only entering your user name and password to log in, you’ll also be asked to enter a special six-digit authentication code, generated by a two-factor authentication app, like Google Authenticator or Authy.

This additional step helps make sure that you, and only you, can access your account.

How to activate two-factor authentication

Tap on the More_test.svg navigation menu in the lower-right corner of the screen and then tap on the
cog.svg Settings menu option and choose [Two-factor authentication]

After that, tap on [Enable] and continue the setup flow

Note: Make sure you save your recovery code in a safe and easily accessible place. You may need it if you lose access to your 2FA codes.

Logging in with two-factor authentication
In order to log in after you’ve enabled 2FA, you’ll need the following:

  • You’ll need access to your phone when you log in to your Trading 212 account
  • You’ll have to enter your six-digit 2FA verification code, found in the authenticator app, after you provide a valid email and password combination

You can learn more about this feature in our help section

Currently you can only enable and manage 2FA in your mobile app. We’re working hard on enabling this functionality for the Web app in the coming weeks.


Great, finally days of “2fa topics” are behind us.

Cheerz! :partying_face:


Everything is nice, but I think there is a problem, and don’t know if it is only for me or a bug.

When I try to log in from the web app after inserting the code the loading button never ends.

Then after trying a few times I also noticed it is asking me to complete the captcha but once done and clicked login it comes back at the same page asking again the captcha. (Never-ending loop)

Cannot access at all, is anyone else having the same issue?

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Yes, experiencing the same issue.

Works fine on Chrome/Firefox android OS.

Maybe provide some OS/Browser details?

I am using Google Chrome on Windows 10. For now, I turned it off, logged in, then turned it on. Did you log out and tried to log in again? Or is it just working as usual because you were already logged?

Tried on Windows 10, Chrome first time I ever use Laptop for t212. 2fa worked fine. Which Authenticator? :thinking: I am using MS Authenticator on Android.

I am using Google Authenticator on iOS

I tried Google Auth on Android. Worked as well.


I am using Android version, annoying part is random number is written inside the box, so I have to first delete 6 numbers then type generated code.

First time you log in it is fine, however each consequential login, has code inserted. So have to clear the boxes first.

Ps also same when incorrect code is typed, would be great if one can type new straight away. But currently you need to delete 6 characters to type new one

Can you tell us the model of the phone on which you noticed this behaviour?

Samsung Galaxy S10+, SM-G975F, Android 10. Same behavior on Windows 10, Chrome browser.


Current android build requires one to click empty box to start typing code, would be user friendly, if one could start typing code right away, without fuss to Click empty box. Also copy / paste would be nice. :slight_smile:

Same behavior reported in Settings> Two Factor Authentication > View Backup Code.

There is 6 numbers pre entered. So have to clear them first.

Minor issue: This modal should have scrollbars on “shorter height” resolutions.


You’re right.
I’m on Firefox, Windows 10

T212 first the currency exchange, now 2 step verification, can this app get any better? Like finally a brokker thats actively listning to its users feedback. Keep the SICK work going!

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@InvestOnly what do you mean my currency exchange?

I didn’t mention currency exchange. @InvestOnly did, however.

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I heard the news about some trading accounts getting hacked in the US so this brilliant news so thank you!

Than you so much. Working perfectly for me!!!

wow nice it works for it on the brower as well!! :smiley: