Free funds unchanged with buy orders

I’ve placed several limit buy orders using Android app, but the free funds value remains the same. I would expect it to go down as I place new orders. As a first time user of this broker, I have to ask if this is a bug, or by design. As it is, to know how much money I have left to invest, I have to keep my own parallel bookkeeping. Not happy about it…

From what I recall, you do get a message saying no more trades can be placed or something similar to prevent you placing orders for more than you have. So it is being tracked. I’m sure this could be added. I had this issue earlier in the year and it get’s a real pain, like you mentioned.

When you place limit order, even market order, free funds are not touched. Only once market order or limit is reached does the funds get reserved/used.

As @adm mentioned.
Instead there is hard cap of limit orders you can make, which seems to correlate with free funds available. Now not sure if it is limit price or current price which is used to measure cap. But there is one.

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Yes, there is a limit that prevents one from spending more than 95% of the available money. But this available money is not shown anywhere! Free funds should be updated when one places a buy, that money is allocated, not free to use anymore.

Sure, you raised question in #help , we just gave you answer.

If you believe there should be change in product go ahead and raise a request at #Feature-suggestions-ideas

Thanks! I’ll do that.