Update Free Funds with buy orders

As I place new buy orders, free funds value is not changed. I have no idea how much funds are there still available to place a new buy order. Eventually there’s a message saying I can’t place a new order because it exceeds 95% of my free funds. Looking at the Free Funds value, that is not true. I would be true if Free Funds value was updated…

In summary, the Free Funds value should be decreased when a new buy order is created.

Is this while the market is closed?

I believe we discussed this, it is mostly related to Limit Buy orders.

Author just created request for new feature. I don’t believe free funds should be depleted, but instead have some “virtual limits” fund which keeps track of how much is total value of limit orders in the account at present.

Yes, it was while the market was closed, but it would apply to limit buy orders even on trading hours.