Free funds unusable - ✅ Solved

Yesterday I copied a pie - it has 20 slices. Then invested £25. This sat as Free Funds, uninvested.
If I go to the pie to try to invest using the Free Funds there is no such option.
How do I use them please?

Others have problems, one reply said “ i think you can still only use your visa card and not your free funds”.
So are Free Funds just lost money? Surely not.

Are the relevant markets open?

Ah, realising funds just arent ‘allocated’ ready? Has been 3 days now, but I’ll be patient and see…

Hey there, @jnorris235 :wave:

We’re working with priority on introducing ‘Free Funds’ as a payment method for Auto Invest. At the moment, you can use them to fund your pie by Manual Invest from tapping the ‘Invest/Withdraw Funds’ button found in the ‘Overview’ tab of your pie.

Also, make sure to check your pie’s minimum investment amount which is determined by the lowest slice percentage of your pie. This will define how much you funds you’ll need to have available in your ‘Free Funds’ in order to Manually Invest them. :slight_smile:

Really good of people to take the time to answer - thanks for that! Your explanation about LOWEST slice %age is the key. I assumed it would invest what it could but being a pie it seems to want to invest in all the slices or none (even on manual and custom), and so needs more funds. I say this for anyone else asking similar question. 20 slices, smallest slice is at 1%, at minimum investment of £1, guess I need £100 of free funds for it to start investing.

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