Free Share/Sign up Problem

A friend TRIED to use my referal link to sign up via the App but thinks there may have been an error as he hasn’t had his free share (nor have I).

I’ve previously had a free share using someone else’s link so I know what needs to be done to qualify but he assures me he’s done all of this and can see the free funds in his ISA but no free share (and he funded 3 days ago).

The thing is he is concerned that the App didn’t register that he’d used my link as he clicked on it and came back to it later (or something or another) so I don’t necessarily think anything’s gone wrong with the platform but if he has made a mistake and opened an ISA without using my link can that issue be corrected now after the fact @Team212 ?

Sorry about this and thanks in advance

Hi @Team212, similar to the Opening Post a friend of mine signed up using the App 6 days ago and we have not received the freeshare. I do not understand how he went from the link to the App, he must have clicked on “Get it on Google Play” or something instead of “Open account”.

I seem to remember that the freeshare promotion gives problems/does not work on the App, is there any way of fixing it manually?
If not then I understand, I told him to do it on the computer but he ended up using his phone. Either way, please confirm :slight_smile:.

It works the majority of the time, but sometimes when you do it through the app store the path sometimes gets broken and it’s basically just seen as the person downloaded the app without a referral. I always make sure they at least set up their account on the computer

Yes, that’s what I did when I signed up. And I told my friend, but I guess he didn’t listen. It is partially his fault really! A pity he did it on his own due to Covid-19, otherwise I would have gone through the process with him side by side.

His current provider is quite expensive compared to T212 so at least he gets that :slight_smile:.
Hopefully T212 can sort this free share issue or check if the share is on its way and I simply asked too early. I don’t think that is the case because I seem to remember it is meant to appear within a couple of days and it has already been 6 days.

I didn’t get mine because of this exact reason I feel sad :weary::joy:

Same happened to me, but you realise it’s not much in the grand scheme of things, just a nice incentive, you still can invite up to 20 others which actually does add up! For example, during that crash we just had I would have been well under, but if you count my free share value as pure profit I was always in real profit


true it’s not much for us, but the main reason I share my referral code is so the other person can get the free share. I’ll be sharing my code long past 20 referrals despite it not benefiting me financially to do so.

It seems the link to app issue was caused by having a certain data tracker setting on your phone set to block/deny, hence why it very rarely occurs. for peace of mind I have always advised the pc route as the webpage it loads tells you that the code worked as intended.

The referral links are working just fine. If there was a problem, then it was going to affect all incoming referrals instead of some of them. What we have troubleshot in the past is clients who are using a referral link, however, their Adblocker (or similar) is enabled, thus why an account cannot be attributed to a link. Nonetheless, be sure to reach out at, and our team will check further each case.

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I know, I guess I’ll never know it could of been a Tesla haha!

I would say there is a cap on how much the random stock is worth… aka 100 GBP max… or at least there was, unless this changed recently…

I signed up quite a while back

Thank you @Tony.V, is it best if my friend emails you as he was the one that signed up? (I just provided the referral link) Or is it something that I can do?