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HI all
Does any one have a link to an FTSE250 index table showing ex-dividend dates that is shortable by share price please

I don’t know if there is what you are looking for, but I use this website for tracking ex-dividend dates and managing my portfolio.



Allmost what I wanting but I need the share price to be able to be filtered from low to high pulse giving these dates and such like

I don’t know anywhere that you can find this ready-made and free.

Some brokers provide research tools that can provide what you want, eg. one I know has “Quickrank”, which would provide what you want, but you would need to have an account.

But with a little work you can create it yourself. You would create a Yahoo watchlist or portfolio with the tickers of all the FTSE 250 companies. That can be done by importing a csv file that you have created to contain a row for each of the 250 tickers. The Yahoo portfolio can then be sorted by price, dividend yield, dividend date, and ex-dividend date. To get started you can scrape the tickers of the FTSE 250 from a web page like this:


I’m guessing I could accomplish all the above in about 30 minutes work. You probably can too.

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#ad You can achieve this with the magic (ok, not actual magic) Finki API

Or I can compile it for you as I suspect you’re gonna say you can’t … either way, I’m happy to do it :smile:


@Finki Interesting. I will have to have a look at this. However, I have had experience of Google Sheets failing to work if you make too many calls within one sheet to the functions importXML and importDATA. There is some sort of limit. Have you encountered that?

When I use a script called “importRegex” to scrape from web pages I do not encounter such problems. Eg. I use this to scrape dividend information from a Yahoo page. Clumsy, but it works.

=importRegex(Concatenate(“https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/”,B14), “DIVIDEND_AND_YIELD-value…data-reactid=…[0-9]…([0-9].[0-9]*)”)/4

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Yep. Excel is better but only if you use a custom function using http.request type operation rather than the “WEBSERVICE” option which is S***

I also like to bung them to the web, plug in my API or open a websocket and stream the data through an open pipe… works pretty well…

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You lost me there, … but I tried the simple Google sheets examples which are brilliant. They will be useful for my UK dividends. But I don’t understand. Who runs the FinKi site? Where does its data come from? I notice ukDividendPayDate is giving 2019-09-25 for ISF (IE0005042456). That is not the most recent pay date. One is more interested in when is the next ex-dividend and pay dates, no?

Presently, I use Googefinance() to bring current prices into my spreadsheet.

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finki is me. I is Finki. No one else. One man band. Kinda of side project and a way to aid those new to share trading. Data is from multiple sources.

Agreed re the ISF dividend. I’ve been asked to build a ukDividendNextEx or ukDividendLastEx function… and that makes perfect sense… It’s on the roadmap (there’s not actually a road map… it’s in my head) but I have to balance it around the thousands of other requests I get and other paying work I provide.

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