Fund your account via Open Banking 💸

We are aware of this issue. As a temporary workaround, until the issue is resolved, I’d suggest using the web interface to deposit.


I have done some testing and found that the flow works okay when I have chrome set as default browser… But falls back to the web page when my chosen browser, Firefox, is set as default…

The FF setting “open links in apps” is turned ON if that helps…

So for withdraw is it faster with openbanking or is it the same speed as normal bank transfer?

Answered above…

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Thank you! So only deposit speed is different got it!

Can open banking be used to autoinvest into pies eg monthly on a certain date?


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Previous posts suggest this is not yet possible, but that they are working to make it possible to autoinvest from free funds. You can top up free funds with open banking or bank transfer.

If you want to avoid card payment fees, I suggest turning off autoinvest for now, and making the same investments manually from free funds.

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Thanks Richard. I feel like it’s treating autoinvest customers unfairly


They decided to treat EU investors unfairly too, by adding a fee for deposits…

Hi I’m not familiar with Open Banking and was wondering if I enable this method of paying money into my T212 account will this also allow them (T212) to view all my bank transaction? Or does it ONLY allow T212 to take money out of my account. I’m confused over what level of “read” access T212 will have of my account transactions.


Technically speaking there are 2 set od providers, AISP and PISP, for the purpose od top up T212 should only have permission to make payment(PISP) for standing order.

Not sure what is underneath “Read” rights, but from PSD2 perspective read rights shouldn’t be necessary, as T212 isn’t providing AISP (account mamagement) utility.

But anyway on the consent page there should be “read more” to get idea what you are signing for.

But definitely read as in view transactions is not required and personally I wouldn’t consent to that. But again, would need to read what is underneath “Read” consent.

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Very good question.
I have not used OpenBanking yet, but I did ask myself this and it is the reason why I still favour alternative methods.

When you connect your banking app should give you an option to see what data is being shared. Mine does and it’s only basic account info, not transactions.

Anyway 212 do the open banking thing through a 3rd party integration called TrueLayer who are FCA approved.

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No, we wouldn’t be able to see your bank transactions. We only see your bank account number and sort code / IBAN, and your name.

As Vedran suggested, with AISP we have the option to request access your transaction, however, we don’t do it.


Can you enable the open banking option for EU users so we can test Revolut?


@Vedran thanks for the reply as this explains a lot about open banking. I think i still need to do some more reading around before deciding wheter or not to use this method to fund my account. I did have a go at setting up a payment and T212 msg said it would only check the account number and name and not use the access to my account for anyother purposes, well thats what i understood! I think it also said it was a “one off transaction” so i guess this means that any future payment i would have to supply my account details again.
For the time being i may just stick to a bank transfer until i’m confortable with open banking.

@George when do guys plan to let EU/Germany get to taste Open Banking?

Waiting patiently :smiley:

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Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t T212 have to wait until Truelayer adds Germany and other EU countries? Just reading an old post from Vedran and trying to figure it out.

According to his link, Germany only has a Data API at the moment and not a Payments API.

I’m in Ireland and it looks like we only have a Data API too.

Looks like France should be supported.

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No Germany is already supported, most banks are already supported in Germany.

Germany is in Public Beta since ~6 months, and one can already start integrating.

@George said Germany can expect it by end of the year, we still have a few more days! :wink:

When TrueLayer end the beta and launch in Germany officially :slight_smile: