Paypal to deposit and withdrawl

Hi to anyone that can help me. I have used paypal to deposit. I made losses and then broke even so decided to withdraw. I have a number of questions.

Any idea how long it takes for my funds to withdraw.

Will my funds be paid back into the paypal account i used to deposit. The reason I ask is because the email add for the paypal is different to what i use to login with on 212.

Will there be any fees charged to withdraw using my paypal.

Thanks in advance.

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So i dont know if this will work but i have cancelled the withdrawls and loaded my debit card onto the app. Then i have requestes the withdrawl but request it goes through using the debit card. I hope this speeds up the process as the paypal method was very slow in terms of withdrawl.

Can you deposit funds with paypal? I can’t.

PayPal is available for CFD accounts only, and their service is present for certain countries due to restrictions applied on their end.

@Tony.V I think you ment Paypal is available only via CFD account top up :slight_smile:


My bad :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Thanks, @Vedran.