FX fee impact on US ETFs like VUSA

Since VUSA is traded in GBP does this mean there is any FX fee impact? Is there an impact on dividends?

This fee only has an impact on stuff denominated in a foreign currency, there is no impact on anything that is denominated in GBP if your account is a GBP account

I think he might be referring to fx fee in general, not specifically those T212 would be collecting.
So no fees on T212’s side ryan9921 says. But if I remember correctly, costs like management fees, including fx fees, are embedded in the price movement of the ETF itself.

I’m specifically asking about this new fee in April: Introduction of FX Conversion Fee - #51 by Dao

In that case, what I said applies. This change has no impact. You are not doing any currency conversions by buying a GBP instrument with a GBP account, so no currency conversion fee would apply.


I think that t212 can make this much more clear by adding the fx fee in statements or show it before you buy. Otherwise clients might have no clue where it applies and are confused and make posts like this one

The dividends are paid in USD right?

Don’t know, but if they are paid in USD then you will have an FX fee applied.

It really is very simple. If you have to convert currency, you pay the FX fee. That applies to selling, buying and dividends.

If the currency you are transacting in is the same currency that you hold as a balance, you are not making a currency conversion so there is no fee.

See here for more details Introduction of FX Conversion Fee in Invest & ISA – Trading 212